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Test E 250 & Dbol Cycle - First Timer Here!


Been training and weightlifting natural for the past 7 years. Have done 2 bodybuilding shows as a natural in the past 2 years and have decided its time to change up the gears. Progression in the gym has obviously slowed as well as strength gains have slowed. Currently in the works of putting together my first kit and this is what i am leaning towards

201 lbs
8-9% bf
25 yrs old

Week 1-10 Test E 250 - 500mg per week
Week 1-4 Dbol - 10mg 3x day
Week 1-12 Arimidex - 0.25 mg EOD (maybe .50 EOD?)

Week 13-16 Nolva - 40/40/20/20mg.

What do you guys think? Thinking of running some Drol at some point as well...


looks perfect


Looks good to me. 5'8 @ 201 lean is enormous. Perfect candidate for AAS IMO.


Skip the Drol first cycle. It's serious overkill. Keep an eye on blood pressure with Dbol. Adex .5 EOD and taper it into PCT

Looks good. Should be a great cycle. Make sure you have everything before starting cycle. Don't end up scrambling to find something because you thought you could "just get it later" then a supplier doesn't come through.


Thanks, ya I was just entertaining the idea of the Drol, but was pretty much set on not using it unless someone thought it would had a convincing argument. I want to be sure my sides (if any) are manageable and how exactly I react to everything before I introduce too much.

Can you explain the tapering of the Adex into the PCT? What might a good taper be for me?


.25 eod week 1 pct
.125 week 2

This is just to help with any residual test. We understand that a drug has a half life..... Therefor a full life if you want to call it that. So there will be test releasing into your system after the 2 weeks. It just won't be as much as you've had until this point. So, taper down the AI dose to coincide with the test.


Will the Dbol shut me down pretty hard? Would it be better to run it week 4-8 to let the test kick in to reduce any libido sides?


The point of the Dbol is usually a kickstart. Giving you a jump on the cycle before the test "kicks in".


5'8 and 201 lean? Aaron Clark Jr in the making lol


Ya completely understand the logic, I was just curious if it would shut me down before the test had a chance to kick in. I know some guys have been running it after there test really kicks in. From a libido standpoint (if that makes sense), would i be better off running it weeks 4-8 as "something extra" instead of as a "kick start" from the beginning?

Just getting thoughts here... I dont think there is a right or wrong answer, more of user preference....?


You'll be fine. That's why everyone said the cycle looked good.


Another question in regards to this cycle.

-What time of day should I pin the Test E? In the afternoon after I workout and shower? First thing in the morning? Does it matter? What is the most optimal time...?

-When should I take the Dbol? 3 doses spread evenly before I workout (I lift in the afternoon)? Does it matter?

-When should I take the Arimidex, first thing in the morning?

  • doesn't matter

  • what I do, non workout days spread evenly throught the day, workout days all 1-2 hours Pre workout or half 1-2 hours Pre and the rest post

  • I take it at night, usually when I pin




Well it has officially started.

Pinned 250mg Test E last night into my shoulders with 0.5ml in each delt along with taking 0.5mg of Adex pill. I think I am going to up the Adex to 1mg EoD by the end of this week to be on the safe side.

I will be taking 25mg of Dbol in a few hours today, before training. Once I assess my tolerance with the Dbol I may up the dosage and do 25mg in the morning and 25mg 1-2 hrs before my workout.

Quick note -

Pinned with Slin needles in my delts and it was very easy and pretty much painless. This morning they were a tad bit sore, but nothing serious. Just a little tender, so it seems my first pin was a success.


Just remember too much adex isn't good either


Would my own caution warrant 1mg EoD? or do you think that 1mg could potentially be counterproductive? I'm def not going over 1mg.


I would stick at .5 and see how it goes


Shoulders are still a bit sore today. Again, nothing crazy and they definitely feel better than yesterday. I'm assuming next time I pin delts that tenderness wont be as bad?

What did kind of bother me was the way I started to feel as the day progressed yesterday. I developed a nasty migraine that was hard to take care of and overall just felt pretty crappy like I had mild body aches.

I had to lift legs yesterday and it was not the funnest thing to do because I just felt like crap.


1mg EOD of Arimidex is going to be too much my dude, especially for someone like you w/ low BF. You should be more than fine at .5mg EOD.

Im currently a couple weeks into a Test E / Dbol cycle, so far I have gained weight and gotten leaner and harder ( I'm slightly confused how considering im eating a large surplus.. But Im starting to think that .5EOD might even be TOO high for me, as for why im looking so lean and hard.)

..of course thats just my personal experience, but even then, I think 1mg of Adex would be overkill.