Test e 250 and Accutane?

im looking to start a cycle of test e and im currently on my fourth month of accutane at 30mg a day. i need to know if it will be perfectly okay to hop on cycle while im taking accutane. does anyone here have experience with taking both at the same time?


Nothing wrong that I can tell…you aren’t running any orals so there should be no issue.

I will say though that Accutane is a very harsh drug and unless you absolutely need it, you should consider not doing so. Read some of the consumer complaints about it–tons of guys screwed up from that stuff.

thatnk you very much i appreciate the response from a veteran poster. i just ordered a 10 week cycle of test e- 300. so i will be doing 600 a week.

Even though injectables aren’t hepatotoxic (at least not much) I’d stay away from accutane, that shit is STRONG. You will have peeling skin all over your face and believe me it isn’t a pretty sight. Even strong antibiotics, which are way milder than accutane make your skin peel like a fucking snake. I have had friends who have taken accu, and IMO it ain’t worth it. But if you can tolarate it, than go for it, and stay away from carrots ;).