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Test E, 1st Cycle

Hi guys I am 30 yrs old 170 cm 73.5 kg and 22 bf i have been training 2 years and i have lost 23 kg with diet clean eating and training tabata , hiit and circuit training with weights . now my question is shall i bulk by lowering my body fat or shall i cut and also continue lower my bf. If so how my diet must be with my 1st test e cycle and how much calories to take for bulking or cutting can you please inform me . will be much appriciate it thank u .

So if you’re looking to do recomp—lose fat, gain muscle—you’re going to have to be really, really good about your diet. That’s a tougher thing to pull off than just a bulk or a cut. I’m in the midst of doing something like that right now. I’m experimenting, so take all of this at face value.

Here’s my general plan:
Lifting days- calorie surplus of about 200; that’s about 7% above maintenance
Cardio days- maintenance calories
Off days- calorie deficit of 200-300 (depending on how cranky I get without enough food)

The theory behind this experiment is that mixing up my calorie intake to reflect the activity of each day should maximize muscle gain and fat loss. I believe that it could work and makes intuitive sense, but thus far I am not seeing any results beyond what I was getting before implementing this plan.

So how about you try this instead: cut your bf down to maybe 17-18% and then begin your bulking cycle. If you’ve already lost that much weight—congratulations by the way—then you can probably cut down even further with diet and your training routine(s). Get leaner and when you bulk you’ll have more room for error when it comes to your diet.

Hi buddy thankscyou so much so off days i musteat less so i consume less calories . . and training days as usual what i need to eat macros for cutting while training days. But i am confused about what some people told me at my gym if i use test e on cutting i will not gain mass and i will look bad they said it is for bulking test e what u say about this comment i wanna lose bf and weight and add mass i knw what to it but where do test e stand here its job

You can cut on any steroid. It’s all a matter of diet. So if you’re in a calorie deficit and taking test it will spare some of your muscle while your body goes into a catabolic state.

Thanks bro. I was just wondering what to do it is a very stressfullll topic … I dnt knw if i need to cut or bulk or cut then clean bulk with less body fat what u think i should do with only test ena 12 week cycle clean eat and cut but can i put on muscle still …

The answer to your question is this: what do you want your body to look and feel like? Once you know what you want it should be easy to set up your plan and then bust your ass to make it come to fruition.

i wanna use test ena and do a calori deficit clean eating diet to cut bf and gain mass as much as possible to look toned fit . is that possible while on diet doing cutting with test ena