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Test E 12 Week Cycle Question

ill go straight to the point can i push the test e 500mg/wk 250mg twice a week for 15 weeks or its not worth it to push it to 15 weeks or just 14 weeks is good?

10-12 weeks is about the maximum effective length.

Google “myostatin upregulation”

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okay i see thank you so much!

de nada. Sadly it’s not just a case of staying on for ages and making gains all that time!

I personally find anything over 8 weeks is a waste. The gains just stop, regardless of compounds, doses etc.

It’s also easier to recover from a shorter cycle, which is something very important to consider if you don’t want to be on TRT for life


yeah i red in some forums that its works better with their body with a 8 week cycle cause they can recover faster so what would you recommend test e 500mg/week 8 weeks?

that’s what I would do, yes, with all the appropriate ancillaries

okay i see thank you!