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Test Dosing Timing?

Hey guys - hoping some of the old pro’s will have some advice on this.

When planning out weekly dosing, Dr. recommends alternating shots 1 morning & next 1 in evening. So is it actually important to do one in AM and other PM?

Asking because I prefer to do shots in AM before work (kids, wife in bed still) its just easier - would it really make that much of a difference if I did my shots in AM all the time?

I would not do that. If you are weekly, same day, same time, every week, no variance.

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Thanks for the feedback

By any chance did he explain why?

He didn’t elaborate much, but said something about the half life of Cyp + HCG I was taking.

I have read about similar things with other meds, but not with Test. I’ve always thought as long as you stick to same Inj days, the actual time of day didn’t matter that much.

7-9 day half-life for enanthate or cypionate. Cypionate is supposedly a slightly longer half-life.

I stick myself M/T when ever I can remember to do it. Hell it takes 40 days for T cyp to average out and reach a steady state. Time of day means nothing.

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I due Sunday night/ Thursday am. Give or take a 2-3 hours

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