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Test Dose Input Needed....


Need some advice.....I have been running Test Enan. at 750mg / week (1cc EOD) + 300mg Deca / week (1/2cc 2X/week). I'm having problems getting an erection from time to time. First blush is the Deca, but I do not think so as the Test far outweigh the small amount of Deca. Then I am thinking the Test is underdosed, but it is Supra which is typically reliable. I have this issue in the past as well. Any thoughts? Some weeks I get an erection easily, others no....seems like my Test. levels are rollercoasting for no reason???


I'd say one of two things.

First, the test is bunk and deca is real.

Second, you mention that you've had some problems with that in the past. Usually, it goes up all the time when on any kind of test, but if you have any head problems you could take 5grams a week and it still wouldn't get "up". The mind is pretty powerfull. What kind of problems have you had?

Also, how goes the cycle otherwise?



300mg of deca on an average person wont give you erection problems. goodluck and wait for a vet to give you better advice.


Yeh...I know the test is not bad. Been using it for 4 years now.....is it possible that my receptors are overloaded?

Otherwise, the cycle has been good in terms strength gains. I am moving to a lower weight class for a PL Meet in August so I have been keeping my calories / carbs reasonable low while cardio has been pretty intense. I am stronger now at the lower weight than I was at the higher.


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hmmm, 750mg of test should take care of the erection issues. I say you have a prob with your gear brother. Your test uptake far outweights your deca (only 300mg? you shouldn't have issues with that)
If you have any Prov lying around I would suggest poping that. Start with 40 mg a day 20mg in morning, 20 mg after workout. Interested in knowing what a vet thinks about this, if its not the test? Good luck bro


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You said you're dieting and doing a lot of intense cardio? Your body is probably under some stress due to your pre-contest routine. I bet if you weren't restricting calories and you were doing moderate cardio your sex drive would be a lot higher.


Thanks for all the input....am going to up my Test. to 1g / week as the meet is 12 weeks out now. May add in Primo as well. Could be the cardio and dieting as well.


lol...nah my wife is pretty hot so no ugly chicks....


bushy...so you are saying DHT based steroids increase libido. Hmm...maybe I will toss a little Primo into the mix and back the Test down a little.

Let's see..Test/Tren/Primo?Masteron/Deca.....what else can I add??? LOL.


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yeh...was joking about adding all that stuff. What I might do since I am starting GH is drop the deca, add the Tren and a little primo. Will get some proviron as well. I tried some bromcriptine but all it did was make me "shoot my load" within a minute...screw that.