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Test Dose Calculation: 1.2ml E5D, What is Total Result? 300mg/ml

have i done my calculating even near right… 300mg/ml and taking 1.2ml E5D is 504mg Week ?

Correct. But I would take .8 E3.5D if it were me

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You are correct in your math.

Way to break it down my man. Engineers rule!

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Thanks for both. I did my calculation with this way - > 1.2x300 = 360/2.5 = 144 So 360 + 144 = 504. Just wanted to make sure. Been going now 10 weeks with E5D, But i will go 2 more months and add it up to 600. So i might do it 300 Monday, 300 Thursday.

bloodwork perfect 3 weeks ago, and No E2 problems even without AI.

Are you a TRT guy? That’s kind of a long cycle at 18+ weeks. But hey, I’m not here to judge.

Just the way we think. I was a math tutor in college, and sometimes it is easy to forget that people don’t necessarily think of things the same way. My wife is always astounded at my mental math abilities. I think it is pretty average to be able to calculate a 15% discount in one’s head.

Not on trt, my first cycle. What is wierd, my bloodwork is better than ever with 500mg cyp/week… like my hemo has always been 165-175, now my hemo was 144. Probably because i drink 3l water a day?. Actually was going to go 20 week with 500mg/week.
If i split now 0.8ml twice a week, Monday and thursday, Do i wait like 8 days from my last injection and then start with 0.8 + 0.8 ?

Rbc and hematocrit is way in good range.

I was assuming you hadn’t started. If you’ve been running for 10 weeks with no issues just keep going without a change in protocol. The reason I asked about TRT is because I was wondering if you were going to attempt an HPTA restart. If so, I feel the longer you are on the harder it will be but thats not based on anything scientific. Just broscience and things I’ve seen/read.

Yup i think i go with this. Cant know if my stuff is 300mg/ml or 250mg/ml so ive been on eather 420mg or 500mg week. The only thing i have not been taken is my test levels… yes even i laugh myself… Gonna go to see what they are after 48 hours after next injection. What numbers i should get ? i have read that at 250mg S-test 50-60 is ok or good.