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Test Dose Based Off Blood Test


I will be running a test-cyp/anavar cycle starting within the next few weeks and lasting 8 weeks total. I had bloodwork done to see my test levels, the number I was given is 483. If I want a medium-high dose, and this is my first cycle, What should I dose the test at?

side- arimidex and tamoxifen will also be used.

Training exp- 8 yrs, 6 yrs serious
bw- 190


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Exogenous testosterone will shut down your endogenous testosterone production, therefore what you are already producing is irrelevant.


I'm trying to determine what will happen post cycle to my natty levels once my own production kicks in again. From what I gathered I thought I needed to find my own natural levels before choosing the dose. If it does not matter what my levels are then what is the point of the blood work?


Yes you should know them before hand. That way after PCT, you can have the levels checked again to see how well or if you've recovered.

As far as what will happen post cycle to your natty levels..............once your production kicks in, we can only hope that you recover at or near the level you were pre-cycle.


Alright thanks that clears that up for me. Is it possible to dose high enough to semi-permanently elevate my test levels once my own production kicks in?


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No matter the answer, I've completed my first week of Thib's new program and will be keeping a log on it. In that thread I will notify when my cycle starts.


Dude seriously. Some of the guys are here are going to eat you alive for these questions but lets just say you have some reading to do. After PCT you'd be lucky to regain your prior levels let alone raise your natural levels from running a cycle???????


I appreciate the heads up, and thanks for the answer. I guess most of my reading has been on homebrewing and how to cycle, and somewhere along the way I got that ? in my head.