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Test Doesn’t Work for Me Anymore

I really do t think it’s calories as when I used to take gear I could put 2 stone on in under a month eating 6000 a day, but then the gear stopped working erections, everything! Now this time round it seems the same is happening again! Erections aren’t as they should be etc, what else could it be, the gear is solid so no worries there…

Steroids =/= erections.

You should go to a doctor and/or psychologist about your sexual disfunction.

My erections we’re fine before taking this gear…what could that mean?

I hate being “that guy” but typically when somebody says their training is fine, it’s anything but. If you’re just going for hypertrophy your 1 rep max isn’t that important, however you’re only going to gain so much mass if you’re benching under 2 plates and squatting/deadliftting under 3. How about an actual breakdown of your workout split and progressions, you may get more help if those are available.

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I don’t frequent this part of t-nation but when I do visit it’s always amusing :joy:. This has got to be a troll?

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Seriously? Why do I HAVE to be a troll?

No I get you mate but training really isn’t a problem at all, it’s the fact I’m on cycle and my erectionfor one thing should be right up there like it was before I started cycle, I spoke to a doctor today who says I could be converting the test in to estrogen for some reason?

Holy shit. Holy shit. “For some reason”? You mean “normal biological pathways that are entirely known by every single steroid user for the last 30 years”? Could that be the reason??


Love the key board show off warriors!! I mean much more than average you sausage…

At least my dick works.


It’s the calories my man, plain and simple. If you’re not gaining you need to eat more, this should be common sense to you by now.

Why is everyone ignoring the fact that he said he took steroids for 8 years straight, without a break, and weighs 155 lbs? That’s the fucking elephant in the room.


This is the reason I assumed he was a troll. That and the constant “MY DICK DONT WORK” :joy:

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So you’re closing in on like a 600lb deadlift/ bodyweight OHP for high reps etc??

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Any updates on your condition? @thedon768

@iron_yuppie that was cold man… bwahahaha