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Test Doesn’t Work for Me Anymore

Hi guys,

I am having a really bad time here. I abused steroids for a lot of years growing up, I am now 34 and for the past 4 years I haven’t taken any steroids because it got to the point that no matter what I was taking nothing was working and I don’t know why. My body has more or less recovered, minus some very slight issues with erection etc. But I decided on Monday to try again, and I had a shot of test prop, and and instead of sex drive increasing the opposite has happened I feel Tired low sex drive and I feel shut down completely like something is stopping the testosterone from working! Please help guys I thought after 4 years off it would be fine and they would start working again properly? Thanks

Did you get labs done before starting back up so you know where you were?

ok so first of all, you need to tell us what you mean by steroids ‘not working’. Do you mean you stopped gaining muscle? Or are you just talking about sex drive? Be specific.

Second of all, test prop should be injected every other day. You injected Monday. Today is Friday. So if you’re not feeling great today, it could be your test is low now since you didn’t do an injection in the last couple days.

You should get bloodwork to at least prove to yourself that your test is ‘working’.

Hi thanks for reply. So yes it’s stopped working all together, I couldn’t put a pound on, sex drive was very low, so that’s why I stopped! Then 4 years later, I feel shut down and tired again! But I had my bloods done recently and everything was fine according to my doctor! I am praying it is because I haven’t taken a shot of prop every two days! If it isn’t that, then what could it be?

Eat more food and you will gain more. If you aren’t gaining “a pound” then you aren’t eating enough plain and simple. With or without test if you are in a caloric surplus you will gain weight, plain and simple no way around it, no if’s ands or buts.


@atfit is spot on. What is your diet like? Food can affect energy and sex drive.

Beyond that what is your physique like? Height? Weight? Bodyfat %? What were your last cycles like, in detail? What will this cycle be like, in detail? Also, are you expecting pounds gained from a single shot of prop? Speaking of, how much prop did you inject? Also, what do you consider steroid “abuse”?

Hi mate yes tests came back fine

So guys this is the thing, I didn’t come of steroids for over 8 years, without a break, without any sort of PCT, it varies what or how much I would take. It included orals, all test strains, sometimes I would take a lot sometimes I would take a couple of ml a week! But then my body stopped reacting to the gear! This is why I left it for 4 years you know! I am 11 stone 5 ft 10. No I knew I wasn’t going to put any weight on after 1 shot but my sex drive and energy wasn’t meant to decrease either, I couldn’t eat more if I tried, I eat between 5500 and 6000 calories a day and without gear I just DO NOT BUDGE, hardest gainer you will meet haha, but now I’m worried that I won’t be able to put some size back on even with gear, I appreciate your help guys I am DESPERATE

This cycle I Ann going to run test4 and test prop along side each other till test 4 is working full on…

I eat between 5500 and 6000 calories a day and I don’t budge without gear mate

Oh and I was taking all sorts of other drugs and drink along side the gear! Young a stupid

Try 6500. I think that’s what Phil Heath cuts on. Different people have different metabolisms; yours might be unbelievably high. Can you give us a run down of what you eat on a daily basis?

You must have been training fundamentally wrong. There are rank beginner teenagers on this site bigger than that. What do you bench and deadlift?

Run through a bunch of programs by guys like Wendler or Waterbury.

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Lay out your exact diet for the day

There’s nothing wrong with my training mate, I just lived a fast hard party lifestyle so I lost everything I gained, I could put size on no bother eating 6000 cals daily but that was with gear, but at the end the steroids literally stopped working for me and I don’t know why, I thought after 4 years getting back on the gear I would be ok! But it feels the same after shooting test I shouldn’t be feeling tired and erection should have not disappeared afterwards! Maybe it’s because I left it 4 days between shots of prop…but I can’t imagine it’s coming out my system 4 days after shot? I feel like my body is still rejecting the test for some reason! What could it be?

I eat jackets potato with one tin of tuna and 50 grams of nuts 6 times a day, some times I use chicken instead of tuna, then two x shakes 500 cals each some times more

6 x jacket potato and tin tuna or chicken with 50g of mixed nuts x 6 = around 4800 cals then 2 x shakes at least 500 cals each, and that is a STRUGGLE getting it down me daily

I would struggle to get all that down, but not because of the caloric content. What’s the macro breakdown of all of this?

FWIW, I was talking to a former “hardgainer” at the gym the other day. For as long as I’d known him this kid was lean, but small; he’d be in there almost every day lifting with seemingly picture perfect form but making little progress in size or strength. I had talked with him many times before and some time ago he’d asked me how I was bulking up as he was always having trouble and I told him how much I was eating (at the time about 6,000 calories). Anyways, this last time I talked with him I mentioned how all the regulars noticed he’d put on a lot of size in a relatively short amount of time. We even speculated he started taking dbol. He told me his secret: he was eating more, a lot more; in the order of 10,000 to 12,000 calories a day.

Like I said before, some people need to eat a lot mote than others.

Jesus. I feel like shit when I bulk on 5-6000 I can’t imagine this. That kids a monster!

Man some people can’t put weight and many people like me can’t lose weight :)))