Test/Dianabol Cycle, Blood Pressure Concerns


I am seeking guidance/reassurance regarding drug use.

I will be starting my 2nd cycle and it will consist of…
500mg/week Test Cypionate (12 weeks)
.5mg Arimidex M/W/F (10 weeks)
25mg Dianabol daily (8 weeks)

A big concern I have is blood pressure. In my last cycle, this was also a concern, so I monitored BP regularly. Prior to cycle my BP would consistently read 124/70 (or about that range) and during it was at 135/70. That was with test cyp alone. A huge concern I have, is if i should even implement Dbol into this cycle, with BP in mind?

I understand that with all PEDS you are sacrificing your health for your goals, but understanding where to draw the line is something I am teetering on. If those who have had experience with Dbol could offer some guidance, that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

If its a concern then dont use it. If you want to add an oral to the mix, try anavar for the last 6 weeks of your cycle.

Just to add, thats a shit load of adex. Im running 600 test and 200 deca p/w and only using 0.25mg eod. Estrogen is your friend… To a point.

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Much appreciated!

Thats along the lines of what I was thinking

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I know its hard for many to accept (myself included) although you dont HAVE to add anything to subsequent cycles.

500mg p/w test will still do incredible things.

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Thats true, I think ill stick to the test and as you suggested, consider anavar later on in the cycle. If I yield the same results as last cycle, only running test, then I may not incorporate anything. Itd probably be best to work with minimal gear and slowly progress to increased dosages and other drugs.

I appreciate your help providing some clarity

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Train harder, eat more and you will see great gains.

Imo a lot of people rely too heavy on the compounds they use rather then what they do in the kitchen and gym.

The most important factors i have found for getting bigger and stronger were diet, training and recovery. With my cycle i more or less set and forget and focus on those three points.