Test/Dianabol Cycle. Arimidex Dose/Timing?

Hey. I’m planning a new cycle as soon as things stabilize. I bought some gear over a year ago, and havent been able to use it due to lockdown and closed gyms. The expiry date is 2022 for one of the items. The rest is 2023 and 2024, i have stored them in my closet, so should be good to go.

My next cycle will be:

  • Test E 500/week (250 mon+thurs) for 10 wks
  • Dianabol 30mg daily for 4 weeks (10mg 3x a day)
  • arimidex - 0,25-0,5 (not sure the dosage)
  • nolvadex PCT

So my question is, how should I dose the arimidex?

Dianabol is as everywhere know, highly estrogenic, and therefor I want to add an AI. But how should I dose it, when, and for how long?

Should I start immedietly from day 1, or should I wait a week to start arimidex? And when the dbol cycle (4 wks) is done, should i discountinue the arimidex use?

Thanks for the help

If it were me I’d wait to see if you even need it.


I’d rather not wait for the gyno to come first.

Then take some tamoxifen and don’t nuke your needed estrogen into the negative.

Edit. From what I’ve read it’s also not something that happens over night. Plenty of tell tell signs leading up way before actual tissue growth.

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What information leads you to believe your dbol will be more effective split over the day than all at once 1-2 hours before your training session?

Personally, I only use AI based on blood work and/or side effects not just because.

I wouldn’t. Wait until you feel you need it. As said, gyno won’t happen overnight and there’s better drugs to handle it.

The effectiveness is another subject. Splitting the dosage would be as I’ve understood more forgiving for the liver and stomach

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So what kind of side effects should I wait for?

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get some nac and tudca to protect your organs.

take it all at once for at least a week and compare.

enjoy the crazy strength you’ll feel.

acne, bloating/water retention, high blood pressure, nips that are a bit zesty, puffy, sore, or itchy.

Do bloodwork, see your E2, start low, do bloodwork, increase dose if needed. Do bloodwork.

Do bloodwork each week, start AI when and IF needed.

Gyno wont just pop up in 1 day from nowhere. You will see an incline of E2 in your bloodwork long enough before it starts. And even when it starts, it starts with an itch, or little pain or swelling. Its not like you just pop dbol and wake up with boobs the next day.

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This is my dilemma as well. Planning on doing around 30mg of dbol and am wondering whether to take it 3 times per day, all at once an hour before working out or maybe 20mg before working out and 10mg in the evening.

I’m not sure when exactly this thread was created so sorry to raise it from the dead but it’s pointless to start another one when this one will due just fine and is relevant to my question.

Thanks to all that contribute.

EDIT: crap, 9 months later…

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As far as i understand, the usage of orals depends on what you want to gain from it.
If you split the dosages you get steady levels of it and you kind of get all the benefit of the steroid including the anabolic effects if there are such.
For example - some people get strong on anavar, but also get a bit better look. If you want the look - you will have to split the dose. If you want the strenght - take whole dose 2hrs before workout. Then again i dont see much use of anavar daily split dose if you want anabolic effects as a male - it just doesnt do much.
The main difference is - liver toxicity. Splitting the dose and doing it ED also poisons your liver all the time which is worse for liver than to take huge doses but not every day. There was this study about how taking liver toxic medicine ruins liver much more when the doses are low but steady, because liver is made to survive huge hits of poison if you let it rest. Its like - getting drunk 1 day a week is less bad than drinking a bit every day for years.

Then again you have to know if the drug does anything for you pre-workout also. I just experimented with anadrol and taking 100mgs pre workout did absolutelly nothing for me. So i will save it and probably use it on a bulk, taking like 25mgs 3 times a day for 6 weeks or smth.
Stanazolol on the other hand, does give me strenght and pump if taken pre-workout, so i have no reason to poison my liver every day with it, if i can just hit and run a few times a week,or maybe like 1 week in a month, when i have my heaviest week of 531.

It just depends on what the drug does for YOU and what you want to get out of it.
The more i experiment the more i understand that shit you read on forums might just not be true for you. I am starting to think that its pointless to even discuss certain effects of drugs because i just dont react the same way.
I read articles and watched 10 vids about 50mgs anadrol pre workout. I took 100, and i didnt even get an increased BP.
Havent read much about people taking stanazolol pre, but i just took it cuz i had some expired one left and i actually did feel it right away in the gym. So much for other peoples experiences i guess.

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Yes for certain. Dbol is very short in half life, 4-6 hours. Its best to split 2-3x per day.

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im going to do an experiment with dbol as a pre-workout… imma nuke 50mgs pre on wednesday.


I think both Hank and blshaw prove valid points so I’m going to do a bit of a hybrid: if my overall dbol consumption is 30mg then the day before my training sessions I’ll take 20mg 2 hours before my workout. The other 10 mg will be taken in the other half of the day.

On non workout days I’ll spread the 30mg evenly to 3x per day (morning, noon, evening). Let’s see how that works out.


I don’t think that is true at all, Binge drinking once per week is way harder on your liver than 1-2 drinks per day, a lesser load is easier to clear and your liver can increase enzymes to process it.

Also, Paracetamol, a large dose will kill your liver, small doses are no problem.

A small steady dose split through the day is going to be far less taxing on the liver, its biology, ill find some studies to back what I am saying.

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I have read studies that say exact opposite. Who knows.

So after getting everything setup and prepared, two days ago took my first shot of 250mg test, day 3 of dbol, I wake up in the middle of the night with shakes, nearly delirious. Temp over 39 degrees C (over 102 F). I’m thinking this can’t be test flu, I didn’t even have it my first cycle.

Muscles aching, head pounding, vision blurry, as if there’s a fog in the entire house - I actually checked that there wasn’t a gas leak.

I conclude it’s the dbol - that’s the only thing I added that’s different this time around. But to actually feel like someone beat you with a steal pipe all night I wasn’t expecting that.

Then I took off my shirt, washed my face and looked in the mirror. A blister here, a small blister there, some around my naval, on my back…

Then it hit me - I contracted chickenpox from my toddler who just got over them two weeks ago. Turns out, I never had them.

Anyway TL;DR

I’ve chickenpox, feel completely like shit and the itching has barely even begun. My cycle will have to wait for a few weeks until I’m rid of them but on the bright side it’s only been one injection and a few pills of dbol. Downside is my balls are starting to itch like crazy

Anyone here train with chickenpox?


Damn! I’ve heard chicken pox as an adult is way worse.