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Test (Delastrestryl) With ??

I was able to secure some delatrestryl which I was planning on taking with some dianabol for an 8 week cycle. My goal was to put on approximately 15 pounds.

However, my source for dianabol was unable to provide it. So I just have the delastestryl.

How effective would it be to take the delatrestryl on its own?? Without the dianabol?

I also have some MAG-10 in the freezer along with some 4ACE. Would that be good in combination with the Delatrestryl of should I keep on looking for some dianabol (or something else) from another source?

Thanks in advance.

Ah, test and d-bol. A powerful combo, if you know how to train, eat, and set up a proper PCT. Otherwise, you will plump up during your cycle and shrivel away after. And without an aromatase inhibitor (AI) or an estrogen blocker (tamoxifen citrate), estrogen levels will be pretty high … leading to bloat, fat deposition, gyno. Hope you know how what you are doing.
Delatestryl has 200mg testosterone enthanate per ml. I would suggest at least 400-600mg every 5-7 days for 8-10 weeks.
As far as the d-bol goes, if you can get it fine, if not you can go all test.
What do you have for PCT (post-cycle therapy)? And how do you plan on using it? You sound like a newbie. My first cycle was anadrol and sustanon, that is all I could get. Sounds like you are in the same situation … experience tells me that when you are limited in what you can use due to your source, you are also limited in knowledge on how to use the drugs that you have.

OP here. Have actually taken the same combo – about 4 years ago. Took some clomid the last time. Had very good gains with virtually no side effects. Luckily I had a very convenient source to get everything from then – which isnt the case this time.

I could keep on looking for some dbol – but wanted to go on it soon (to get the gains for the summer).

Am I just wasting the Mag10 or the 4ADCE by combining it with the test? I guess I could take the MAG-10 (which has been in my freezer for the past couple of years) and keep on looking for the dbol for a future cycle. Just sort of frustrating having the T now and not the Dbol.

I was planning on taking about 500mg weekly of the T for 8 weeks – with about 25 mg dbol daily.

Well, that is good. The MAG-10 should work pretty good with the test.
So, I don’t know how you will respond, but 500mg enthanate a week just doesn’t cut it for me. I need at least 750mg to “feel” anything and to see any pronounced effects. But if I was to run test only with enthanate, I would probably go with 750mg-1000mg every 5 days.

If you have the money and can get some more test, I would consider using a higher dose. And make sure you front-load. And would recommend using an AI like anastrozole at 0.5mg every day or every other day.