Test Deco 250mg/mL All Glass - How to Fill Syringe and Store Bottle Between Uses

So I am in Eastern Europe where test is legal and can be bought in most pharmacies over the counter. I watched several videos on how to inject subq every day which is my plan (30mg/day which will make the bottle last 8 uses). On all the videos, they have rubber in the middle of the top to push the needle through so you can turn it upside down and also likely keeps the test clean and uncontaminated.

The container that the test comes in here is a small all glass container with a green and red stripe toward the top.
Anyone know what I’m talking about and use this?
My question is how to fill syringe with this type small glass container that you can not turn upside down and how to store properly for several uses.

They’re called ampules and they are almost exclusively used outside of North America. You cannot use the more than once. They are made to be opened and disposed of immediately.

Open the amp, draw out the liquid into whatever number of syringes you need (which is eight, although number eight will have about 1/3 more than the others), and set them aside. They’ll be fine like that for the week. Dispose of the amp. The next week you open the next one. Repeat.

You’ll need a long needle to draw, insulin needles don’t reach the bottom of the amp. That’s what I get in Central Ameica. I use a 23 ga (comes in the box with the amp and an alcohol pad) to draw, and then I backfill the 27 ga insulin syringes.

Thanks for the replies; that is exactly the info I was looking for. Also, I did not even think about the 27 ga syringes I have not reaching the bottom. I did not get a 23 ga with my test, but my wife’s mother is a nurse and can get some longer needles for me.

To the OP, chances are that the ampule is test enanthate. There is no reason to inject enantate everyday. In fact guys often only inject it once a week. I would recommend two times per week.
The only test that makes sense injecting everyday is test propionate or test acetate but acetate isn’t very common.
I really do not think you will get any advantage injecting the test enanthate everyday so really you are just making a headache for yourself. Not to mention the cost of needles.

I just realized your title says test deco which I assume is deconoate which is a very long ester. It is longer than enanthate so yeah there is even less reason to inject test deco everyday. Two equal shots per week will keep your levels reasonably even.

Can you explain in a little more detail exactly how you backfill them?
Also, what was the best the way to cut/break/open these amp bottle?

There are some Youtube vids for doing it with B12. Basically, you draw everything up into the big syringe. then you pull the plunger completely out of the 27 ga and set it on a something clean or stand it on end. I just hold it with my teeth so the plunger can"t touch anything. Then you inject your desired dose into the open end of the 27 ga. Cap the bug syringe, then put the plunger just barely into the 27 ga. Lean it needle up and wait for the air to rise to the top, push the plunger until the air is out. Done.

Is it really that much more headache to inject just one time each day other than having to fill more syringes. I have the time as I am semi-retired, so if there is any advantage to reducing sides and minimizing the need for an AI, I have no problem injecting every day. Since they will be subq smaller needles, then I would think that should make it even less painful or a daily headache.

Do you store your extra needles once finished back filling them at room temperature or maybe in the fridge? How do you cut/remove the top off the amp?

Room temp in the dark for T

I keep them in a cup in the cupboard, tip up so all of the air is at the top when I want to use one. Opening them takes a little practice. I hold the amp firmly in the crook of the middle knuckle of my pointer finger, my thumb holding it there, and I push the tip with my other thumb. It usually breaks at the narrowest point of the amp. Some people use a little tube, like a small socket from a socket wrench, to fit over the top and provide leverage for an easy break.

Look up half lives, read. Look up esters, read.
Look up half lives of esters, read.
There is just no appreciable reason to inject everyday with decanoate ester.

Haven’t seen amps in ages, but used to score the neck and then break them with a pen cap, till I got an amp opener. …buy an amp opener.