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Test/Deca Then Var Cycle Advice

Here’s my second cycle I plan on doing: (decided against tren - now doing deca)

Week 1 - 12 Test E 300mg x 2 week
Week 1 - 10 Deca 150mg x 2 week - stop Deca 2 weeks before Test.

EOD - 0.5mg Arimdex
Every day - 0.25mg Prami - start around week 4 when deca kicks in, taper up slowly.

HGC start week 10 - week 14

Start PCT week 15
Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 20/20/10/10

Anavar 40mg-60mg Everyday for 4 weeks
followed by Clomid 50/50/25/25

What do you guys thinks?
Few concerns i have -
Mixing Arimdex and Deca? I know mixing SERM’s like Nolva is bad whilst running a 19-nor like Deca, but an AI should be okay?

I want to run the Var for the pumps, also to harden me up since i would have a lot of water retention from the deca, also should be a good motivator whilst coming off a full cycle to get a bit of extra strength. Thoughts?

Cant be stuffed running HCG during the whole cycle, but will start a few weeks before PCT to get my Teste’s back plump.

6 foot
27years old
Libido - average
bodyfat - maybe 12 - 14%
First cycle - Test E 9 weeks.

What you guys think of the timing of coming off/on compounds?
PCT okay?
Any extra advice at all?


The only thing i wonder is why is your libido avrage? at 27 years old you should be a walking boner. How much libido did you have before ever starting cycles?

Pct and your cycle look fine, raise the deca to 400mg/w though

How much test a week did you use in your first cycle? Did you use any preventative drugs in that cycle or solely test? did you get bloated or signs of gyno? Did you do blood work before during and after that cycle? what was your libido before during and after the entire cycle?

Don’t run anavar after your pct (provided it’s not fake), it’s the mildest steroid but it´s still is surpresive to some extend making it harder for you to recover (it can be done but i don´t see any benefit to it since it produces very mild gains). Deca will shut you down hard and it will take you a while to recover from it, so if your gonna do anavar do it during your cycle

estrogen is needed to lactate so if you keep both estrogen and prolacting in check you should be fine … don´t know why nolvadex would aggravate anything, Tamoxifen is an antagonist of the estrogen receptor in breast tissue…

Why can´t you run hcg throughout the cycle?

so long as your diet is in check everything looks fine … you could use test boosters like alphamale after pct, they won´t do wonders but it´ll help

thanks dutchie, that is very helpful stuff. Will drop the anavar or use it during cycle based on that advice.

In regards to my libido.I have always had poor libido. Have weak boners but mainly due to alcohol. I have no issues wanking off to porn, although that could be the problem. I haven’t been drinking for a while and definitely won’t touch alcohol on cycle.

There was no noticeable change when I did my first Test E cycle, during, before or after. I did 250mg x2 a week. I got a little bloat, nipples a touch itchy during the end of cycle but no lumps or pain. Ended up gaining around 7-8kgs, Worst sides I got was Test flu after my second pin, went away after 24 hours, also a couple nose bleed near end of cycle so blood pressure might have got a bit high but then again I had a history of nose bleeds too.

I had my Test levels checked after cycle. 18.7 nmol/L. Which i think is around 530 ng/dl. Thyroid normal levels, cholesterol normal levels, protein Iron and Vitamins normal. The doc said I was all healthy, white blood cells a little low but borderline okay, probably due a cold/flu virus I had just before getting the test done.

I might need some more comprehensive blood work done?

I’ll throw my 2 cents in, if anybody cares haha I may not have the highest post count with this profile but thats because I’d rather read and read what the long timers have to say.

Currently finishing a similar cycle of test/deca.

Since your first cycle was only 500mg test E per week and you got bloat with nipple irratation, Id keep a close eye on high estrogen symptoms. You are correct in taking arimidex everyday, but 0.5mg but be a little too much. Low estrogen can also have negative effects. And i wouldn’t start taking it from day one. Your body prefers a state of balance with test and estro levels. Start the cycle with no AI, allow hromones ratios to balance out abit and then add the AI in. 0.25mg ED seemed to be a recommended dose and worked great for me.

Regarding the deca, if its your first time I’d say start at a low dose. You never know what kind of shock and effect it’ll have on your body. I started high (750mg test, 450mg deca) and honestly hated it. Reduced the deca and felt better but still wasnt right. In the end, I found the perfect dose to be 625mg test and 150mg deca per week, 0.25mg adex ED.

This ^ may seem low and kind of odd, but remember its always easier to add more into your cycle than to deal with the problems of too much. Were both young and still have plenty of time to do another cycle in the future with higher doses provided everything went smoothly. Sometimes less is more.

I’ll add an update to my thread incase your interested. Noone else seemed to be lol

Thanks for the advice mate, I was planning on taking arimdex 0.5mg EOD (every other day) - easier for me take it every second day then every day. Sounds like good advice to wait a couple weeks before starting the AI too, off your advice will probs start deca on 100mg deca too and taper up. Thanks for the feedback.

Personally i started at 200 deca then tapered up to 400, that was the sweet spot for me. 100mg would barely touch any benefit in my experience. (Finishing off the deca now im 12 weeks out from my show, but i was at 600t 400d ratio and i had no negative sides).

300mg a week of Deca is more than fine. You can easily adjust but I’d say you cycle isn’t long enough to do so. I’d also cut the Deca out 3 weeks before last test shot. You just stated your libido sucks and Deca’s half life is 14-16 days so I wouldn’t toy with that ester in your body. The first 2 posters basically covered everything. Good luck.