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Test/Deca Ratio Too High?

Hi all, started my test/deca/oxy blast nearly 2 weeks ago.

Currently running:

deca@500mg/wk (250mg/ml)
Test@900mg/wk (450mg/ml)
Oxy @50mg/day
Hgh @4iu/day
Tamoxifen @20mg/day

Im prone to gyno, i know what it feels like from the past and felt it coming back pretty hard a few days ago, this is while im taking 20mg tamoxifen a day…

Upped my tamoxifen to 40mg and it has had no effect…

I have 1mg anastrozole to hand if need be but not sure if I should take it just yet…?

Should I drop my test/deca dose down to deca@250mg and test@450mg?

I’ve read a lot of different opinions on test/deca ratios so a bit unsure…

Any help appreciated!!


Just took 0.5mg of anastrozole , the pain behind the nipple got the better of me, hopefully anastrozole sorts me out, if not I’m guessing its a prolactin issue…? Caber??

Cheers dudes

It’s way too early for it to be prolactin from nandrolone. But anadrol causes mystery gyno and no amount of AI will help that.

@iron_yuppie I was hoping you would drop in mate, cheers

OK then I will drop the anadrol from now and see how i get on.

How long would it take for prolactin to become an issue?

Also In regards to the deca/test ratio, whats your thoughts? Is it a little high?

Il be honest my main goal from the deca is to help my joints, I have arthritis and at only 33 its getting pretty bad… this is why I’m trying gh aswell…

If thats the case then half a g of deca a week is unnecessarily high imo. I read somewhere that as little as 100mg p/w can work well for joints. Im currently running 200mg p/w with previous knee issues and its working really well.

It just isnt worth the possibility of prolactin issues and the need to manage them if the sole reason your running it is joint health.

Agree with deanis55. I was using 125mg/wk for joint issues and it worked great. At one point I went to 250mg/wk and the joint benefits weren’t much better.

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Same here; I’m running 150 a week but have done 100 in the past and I don’t see a difference. I feel great!

With nandrolone it’s all about the ester. If this were NPP you could get prolactin buildup pretty fast, not only because of the short ester but also how fast it hits peak levels. But with nand d it’s a slow burn and you will never hit anywhere near the same plasma concentration on an equivalent dose of nand d vs NPP. With that in mind I’d say that you have anywhere from three weeks (if you’re a freakish responder) to six weeks before you’d see a big enough impact in prolactin to notice.

Thanks for all the replys guys.

I’ve dropped my deca to 250mg/wk
And test to 450mg/wk

I’ll see how that goes and try going lower with the deca if my joints hold up at this dose.

Stopped the oxys completely for now.

I’ve noticed a slight improvement already, probably about a 30% reduction in pain and inflammation behind the nipples.

Can I ask what dose of test you guys are running alongside your lower deca doses?

Thanks again all


Ok so if it was the oxymetholone giving me the gyno do you know how long it would take for the gyno to stop flaring up and settle down after stopping taking them?

I need to try and rule everything out one at a time.

Cheers man

FWIW I was running NPP at 350 mg/wk and test C at 525 mg/wk. I know it’s not deca but it’s still nandrolone. I was also running P5P for prolactin and anastrazole for AI.

I’m running 340 Cypionate / 150 Deca