Test + Deca Question

People say you have to take some form of Test with Deca because Deca shuts your body’s natural production of test down… but doesnt high doses of Test shut your natural production down too? Is the Test mostly for libido? If you were to take Deca with no PCT would you eventually over time get your natural production back (accelerated with TRIBEX and novedex xt)? I have deca & dbol with no access to test or nolvedex.

if you can get deca you can get test.

Dude, recovery accelerated with novedex or TRIBEX. You’re kidding, right? Shooting test to recover your natural test? Vets!

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This is the one and only time I will contribute, because, quite frankly, you annoy me:

It’s not so much that Test “shuts down” your natural production, but rather it also “replaces” your natural production, that matters. Nandrolone, of any ester (I hate the term “deca” since it’s nothing more than a contraction of the ester’s name), does NOT substitute for Testosterone, but instead only shuts it down severely while not providing any type of pseudo HPTA activity.

To answer your second question: Yes, you would eventually get your natural production back (neither of those compounds would help, seeing as how there is no possible leydig cell stimulus with either), although you would find yourself in an obnoxious situation seeing 60%-70% of your gains lost, depending on the length and intensiveness during cycle. In laymen’s terms: Without Test, the risks outweigh the benefits.

Nolva is pretty tough to find these days especially with multiple chem research companies selling it legally over the internet.

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