Test Deca Primo Enhanced TRT

Wondering what ratios I should deploy with my latest experimental protocol. I am currently taking 70mg Test 210mg Deca a week pinned daily. Yes this is Deca base protocol as I get too many sides from higher test and feel much better with better bloodwork on this.

I am thinking of adding some primo to this for some extra DHT and the benefits of that. My only concern and question is what to dose the primo at? My estrogen currently sits at 44 and know primo can lower it and I am running such a low dose of test and don’t want to increase it, worried of crashing it. My thought was to lower the Deca to 140mg to lower overall compound load and keep Test at 70mg then 140mg primo. So 70T 140D 140P

Would this cause concern of crashing estrogen? Please refrain from “this isn’t TRT” just looking for the best ratios given my current protocol of higher Deca and smartest/most beneficial way of adding in primo.

This is totally person dependent. For me this would not be an issue. For some it might. Only way to know is to try it and get bloods before your start and then wait a while and get more bloods to see what your estrogen is doing.

Why pinning long esters daily?

If you’re taking

With an E2 of 44 and no AI, a small dose of DHT derivative shouldn’t be too problematic. I’m a fan of not changing more than one variable at a time so IMO don’t change current protocol and add something. Just add something if that’s what you want to do. If you make two changes how are you going to know what’s what if you have issues?


I pin daily to avoid acne and flushing. The smallest fluctuations in hormones really mess with me. I have been on this protocol for 8 months so I know how I react to the 2 compounds together now.

Primo is to help dry me out, increase libido, bit more aggression/drive. At least that is my hope for it.

Completely depends on you. Only way to find out is to try it. That particular protocol would crash my estrogen for sure but maybe not yours.

I’ve been running 140mg Test and 70mg Masteron for a little while now and feeling the best I’ve ever felt on TRT by far.

Perhaps like you it seems Test alone doesn’t work for me at all, I think from a combination of HPTA (and neurosteroid production) shutdown and long term elevated E2 levels.

I’m switching the Masteron now for Primo as of literally yesterday, as I think it’ll be healthier long term since I plan to run a small dose of DHT derivative pretty much “forever” to control E2, until we come up with something better.

2:1 Test:Mast for me was the sweet spot, but I don’t know how that would translate to Primo. I know also it’s not just a ratio. A 1:1 ratio Test:Primo might crash your E2 at 100mg/week each, but not at 500mg/week each.
Keeping that in mind, I’m starting with just 50mg/week Primo (still with 140mg Test) and will reasses in 4-5 weeks after doing labs and seeing how I feel.

Given you don’t have much of a Test base, I would be careful with Primo as it’s known (if legit Primo) to be very powerful in its E2-lowering effects.

Maybe start with 35mg/week and see what that does to your E2 and how you feel, and go from there. You won’t really get much anabolism if any from that, but if you’re just looking for E2 control and some mood and slight sex drive benefits, that might very well do it. 140mg Primo with only 70mg Test though will almost certainly crash your E2.

Also keep in mind that even though Primo and Deca aren’t Testosterone, you’d still be running with the protocol you outlined, 350mg/week of gear. I hope you know that’s not sustainable long term

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