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Test/Deca/Mast Help


I'm planning my next cycle. It consist of test cyp 300, deca durabolin 200, dianabol 30 and masteron 200 .
I plan on doing
test 2x a week (600mg/w) for 14 weeks
Decca 2x a week (400mg/w) for 8 weeks
Masteron 100mg eod (400mg/w) for 14 weeks
Dianabol 30mg ed. Week 2-6.
Pct is nolva 18 days after last shot of cyp
Nolva 40/40/20/20.
Any advice, criticism or changes are greatly appreciated.


Also, was contemplating frontloading. Any info on this will help


Not all at once now!


I guess its dead on if no one is saying anything... but out of curiosity why 14 weeks? seems kind of long dont you think?


Yeah, but how many times can the same thing be repeated before silence becomes the preferred method of commuication. Ya know?


I knew 14 weeks was to long I should get a treat right bonez? I'm getting smarter!


14 weeks is to long!!..? Its test cyp.


Many people run test e for 8 weeks. Im not sure I see your point.

Im not getting into this again. Ive probably discussed this exact topic once per week for a few months now.


So I should only run 8 weeks? There is no reason I decided 14 weeks other than I just wanted a longer cycle. I also think I'm gonna use the masteron e to cut down on pin frequency.


No info on frontloading. ?


How many cycles have you done before?




If you want a 14 week cycle, that's fine. Your recovery may be more difficult though. But the deca should be used the whole 14 weeks. 8 weeks it too short for deca IMO...

Cyp anywhere from 8 weeks on is long enough.

If you are using deca I would keep it 14 weeks. Also, do a stasis period following the end of the cycle since you are using deca. A lot of guys I know prefer this. Just 100mg a week for few weeks. Then you could do a taper and add a serm.

The stasis+taper+serm seems to be the favorite way to go among my group of friends that use, when they use a 19-nor (for my friends that actually come off anyway)

If you decide to exclude the deca, then I would shorten the cycle to 8 weeks with a frontload of cyp.


I would like some more info on frontloading. From what I'm gathering so its basically doubling your first shot. So 2mls for the first shot an following with 1 ml per shot, from then on out. Is this OK?