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Test, Deca, Eq Levels

39 male… 210lbs… 5’10"…
I’m just curious if I’m doing too much…
I generally try to keep it simple and have been doing deca and test at 1cc of each twice a week for the last 4 weeks, before that i was on test for 6months @1/2 a CC once a wk just to maintain bc i didn’t want to crash. (i was injured and couldn’t get any pct or anything anyway)

i was also going to start EQ this week but wanted to see if i could get some feedback about if what I’m doing isn’t good. My plan was to do 1cc of each (test deca eq) twice a week but i have a feeling i shouldn’t. I honestly don’t know wtf I’m doing and I’m not afraid to say it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks

I posted this yesterday and haven’t got ANY feedback… ami doing something wrong???

Some threads get more attention than others on here, but it helps if you could more succinctly communicate what your questions are. One other thing, when talking dosage please give in MG because we don’t know what concentrations and esters you’re injecting, and without that info “1cc” is pretty useless.

I’ve heard of people getting real good results with Test/Deca/EQ stacks. Assuming your formulation is 200mg per ml I’d say your doses are fine. 400mg of test per week is fine. I wouldn’t go higher than 400mg per week of Deca, and regardless have some caber on hand in case of prolactin-related sides (i.e. Deca Dick, gyno, etc.). You should also be running an AI if you’re not already. If you just want the Deca for therapeutic benefits you can run it as low as 100mg/wk for joint support.

As for adding EQ, I’ve never done it but it has an extremely long half life and tends to require a higher dose, so I’d say if you don’t have enough to run 600mg/wk for at least 14 weeks, then don’t even bother.

Sounds like you should just PCT and start another cycle later in the year. Unless you blast and cruise normally a blast cruise blast is going to be a rough recovery.