Test/Deca/Dbol/Winstrol Cycle

Dear All,

I am planning a Test / Deca / Dbol / Winstrol Cycle and I need your input on it.

Body Status:

  • Height ==> 170 cm
  • Weight ==> 92 kg
  • Body Fat ==> around 21% (Tested only with body analyzer - no water weighing ever)

Cycle Layout:

  • Length ==> 16 Weeks
  • Gear ==> Test Cypionate / Deca / Dbol / Winstrol
  • Ancillaries ==> Adex / Caber / legalon

Gear & Ancillaries Intervals:

  • ==> Test C @ 400 mg/ W - in 2 divided doses [Fri 6 pm. & Tue 6 am.] =======> (WEEKS 1- 16)
  • ==> Deca @ 400 mg/ W - in 2 divided doses [Fri 6 pm. & Tue 6 am.] =======> (WEEKS 1- 14)
  • ==> Dbol @ 30 mg/ Day - in 3 divided doses [6 am. - 2 pm - 10 pm] =======> (WEEKS 1- 4)
  • ==> Winstrol @ ??? (WEEKS ??? )
  • ==> Adex @ 2 mg/ W - in 4 divided doses [Fri 6 pm - Sun 12 pm - Tue 6 am - Thu 12 am] =======> (WEEKS 1- 16)
  • ==> Caber @ 0.5 mg/W - in 2 divided doses [Fri 6 pm. & Tue 6 am.] =======> (WEEKS 1- 16)
  • ==> Legalon @ 1 Tap/Day


  • ==> Still planning diet. However, I would like some help on an approximate suitable caloric daily intake that maximizes the benefit of the cycle.


  • ==> none - I’m going back to my TRT dose of 100 mg Test E / Week. I also have some Merional amps ( 75 iu LH & 75 iu FSH). I’m planning to take 1 amp / Week

Questions & Concerns:

  • ==> I would like to finish off with Winstrol to add hardness to my gains.

  • When should I start adding Winstrol? which weeks? and at what doses??

  • What doses should I use for oral / injectable Winstrol? Which form is better?

  • ==> I have dosed Adex at 2 mg/ W based on the amount of aromatizable gear I am using.

  • Is 2 mg/ W enough / too much ?

  • ==> I have some Letrozol at hand and I thought since cycle gear is very strong and almost all compounds aromaize, Letro would be more effective in combating E2 conversion. since I am E2 sensitive. However, even if Letro is acceptable there comes the dosing problem. The Letro (Femara) pills are so small and come in 2.5 mgs. It is very hard to divide the pill in 4 equal parts, weighing 0.62 mg each. There is another way . That is to dissolve the Femara pill into alcohol or vodca at 2.5 mg / 1 ml alcohol . Then you dispense by a dropper after you count how many drops in 1 ml. This way you can dose as low as you wish. In my case, I have counted 30 drops in each ml of alcohol (Dropper Dependent). This way each drop of the femara solution has 0.083 mg Letro in it. You add / take away drops as you desire.

  • Is it possible to use Letro in such a way with this cycle? Pills or solution? at what doses / intervals?

Thank you

Hey guys,

not a single feedback?

So I’m no expert but when I tried winstrol I needed extremely high doses to notice much. I felt great on it, hardened a lot but it ended up drying out my joints too much, made training difficult, and I injured my shoulder again as a result. I was already quite lean at the time, maybe around 8%. I’m guessing that for you it may not be necessary.

Thank you for the reply

but which type of Winny did you take? Oral or Injectable ?

What was your dosage?

Did you start it from the beginning of the cycle or in which week?

I am not as lean as you are. my BF is around 21%. so Winny might be very good for me.

Oral. Started at 50 and worked up to over 100 during the last six or seven weeks of cycle . Became noticeable only when higher. I think you won’t notice it precisely because you’re higher bf than me. It doesn’t burn fat. Or even help you lose it really. It just makes you dryer and harder so you look better when you’re lean. Likely you won’t notice much at all. At least from my experience.

So, is it a good idea to drop Winny altogether?

anything else to replace it with?

I would suggest dropping it yeah. To be honest I’m not so sure what else you could add to it, would depend on your goals I suppose . I’m trying out deca for the first time myself, with dbol and masteron but can’t give any advice since the cycle just started. In the past mainly just messed with various forms of test and tren.

Hay guys,

still no feedback on using Letrozole instead of Adex with this cycle.

at what dosage would it be sufficient?

If I’m adding Winny, at what dosage should I take it whether Oral / Injection

What’s the logic behind using Deca and Diabl with Winny? That’s not a too interesting idea. Yes, some athlets in high levels might use a small dosage of Deca with Winny bc they dont want the harsh driness of their joints during a Winny cycle, but that’s another story.
I think you better take something like Boldenone, or even Tren instead of Winny.
The usage of Deca-Dibl with tren is rare, but better than wasting winny! Pay attention that winstrol and deca and dibl are used for different goals.
And, they usually wouldn’t go for Deca and Tren together.
Now, the logical idea could be:
Test+tren+dibl–>bulking up
Test+dbl+deca-----maybe with Boldenone as well.—>bulking up
Tren+deca—>alittle too professional
Plus, winstrol should be used between 50 to 100 mg/day for 6 to 8 weeks, and NOT LONGER.

Dude… rehashing years old topics… learn to use the forums.