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Test/Deca/DBol/Insulin Cycle


Hello everyone,

Here are some infos you might need :

Im 20 years old, 3 years lifting, currently 156 lbs and lean, started at 112 lbs (Fast metabolism, used to be skinny in the past)

I did already runned some Dbol softly (W1 10mg, W2 20mg, then 2 to 4 weeks off)

Then I recently runned Insulin for 2 months with a 4 weeks lenght 20mg Dbol cycle. Pumps were amazing that they were sometimes painfull, I was eating the triple I was used to, and I gained atleast 17 lbs on that period (Feb-March 2011)

I've never tried injectable AAS yet.

I want to quickly reach 180 lbs and I've been thinking of using some Testosterone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin.

I've read for hours about Cycles/AAS and here is what I would do :

10 Weeks Cycle :

Week 1-10 : 250mg of Test + 200mg of Deca + 40UI of Insulin (see Insulatard Flexpen @Google)
Week 1-6 : 50mg of Dbol

Week 12 : PCT
Day 1 : 300mg Clomid + 40mg Nolvadex
Day 2-11 : 100mg + 40mg
Day 12-22 : 50mg + 20mg

Any advice ? Thank you for your time

PS : I will certainly make a blood test before & after the cycle


please tell me you are 4'6


20 years old? you don't need steroids to make 180 lbs, just eat ton and work out hard. (unless you actually are 4'6)


At your weight, you need the milk/squats/testicles cycle. If your goal weight is 180, and you think you need steroids, you clearly haven't used enough of those three things.


I'm callin troll.


You are an insulatard.


I'm 5'7

Why thinking about AAS ? Cause' gaining mass is not my only goal, I will need to start boxing, swimming & running in almost 1 year, related to my future job. So I wont be able to bulk anymore.

However I though I would have some advice since I didnt posted some bullshit such as "HI GAIZ WATS THE BEST STEROID I SHOULD TAKE ???"

Forgot to mention that I already did a natural BB contest for Juniors (less than 21 y/o). I think I was the only being natural anyway.


Go away


Your advice is to sack up and eat. Don't fucking use to get to a measly 180. Let's put this in perspective. My best friend is 5'7". He had been training hard, gotten to ~155 lean, thought he was hitting a ceiling. After I introduced him to EATING MORE FOOD, whole milk, and squatting 2x a week he has managed to get to 215 natural, cut down to 200 with a six pack, and now looks jacked for his height.

I have another buddy that is 5'8" and 230 at a true 8%. Yes, he uses. A lot. But he made it waaaaay past 180 as well before he went to the juice.

Finally, I myself gained 80 lbs of muscle naturally. I have a fast metabolism, I was tall and skinny. I sacked up and ate, on schedule, every day.

Go eat. Go squat, go eat again. If you're serious about eating and aren't a pussy in the kitchen you can make at least 180 in the next year.


I'm 5'8 or 5'9 depending on whether or not I just squatted... and when I weighed 156 pounds(probably for 2 or 3 days as I passed it on the way to 172), eating a few thousand calories a day, sleeping 6-8 hours a night, and lifting 4 days a week brought me to 172 in a few short months... despite my injuries which hinder my (stupid) ass.

set an alarm on your phone for every three hours. If you aren't eating every time it goes off (something with protein, a tiny ass apple doesn't count) you need to seriously think about taking up knitting or maybe some badminton for a hobby rather than lifting iron.

Steroids are not a magic pill. Prohormones are not a magic pill. If you honestly think that injecting or swallowing 2-3 GRAMS of a substance is going to add several POUNDS on your frame, you're plain stupid. The food makes you recover what you tear down in the gym. When you outgrow your gym, outgrow your kitchen, and have hit a TRUE plateau, come back and ask about steroids.
I haven't cycled anything harder than an over the counter PH, and I'm gaining weight FASTER not taking anything, just busting my ass in the gym 4 days a week and eating more. I don't know why I'm flogging this dead horse... everyone else is telling you the same thing.

The simple fact is that Diet comes before Training which comes before Supplements(which come before steroids) in the real world. That's the order that you need to get your shit together in, kapische?