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Test Deca Dbol for Second Cycle


This is my first time posting on here so if this question has already been answered then I'm sorry. I'm getting ready to start my second cycle. First cycle was a test only cycle for 10 weeks @500mg a week. Made great gains. I am currently 31 years old, weigh 193 and I'm 5'7 with 20%body fat. I'll cut for my 3rd cycle.

My next cycle looks like this:
Weeks 1-12 test E @600mg/week
Weeks 1-10 deca @300mg/week
Weeks 1-4 dbol @30/day
Weeks 1-14 arimidex @.5/ED
Weeks 14-18 nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Only thing I'm missing is caber for the deca. I can't find any and whatever I did find was way too expensive for just a pack of 4. At 300 for deca will I need caber or will controlling estrogen with the adex be enough? I'm afraid of the prolactin sides but what I gather from forums is so long as I use an Ai and keep my deca dose below 400mg/week that I should be fine so long as I am not prone to it. Should I just drop the deca since I can't get my hands on caber?


An AI has nothing to do with prevention of prolactin sides, and prolactin sides are not funny. If you ate prone to prolactin sides like me, you can get them at low dosages as well.

Caber can be purchased at online pharmacies for around $22-30 for 16 0.5mg pills. That's a 16 week supply.

Alternatives include bromocriptine, pramipexole and ropinirol. Bromo and prami should be available at research chem sites.



Depending on the case an AI can be related to prolactin, as a principal cause of elevated prolactin is elevated estradiol.

On the cycle, is there a compelling reason for the Deca instead of using another 300 mg of testosterone?

Lately my wife has been quoting a comedian's impression of a Chinese or Indian salesman (I can't recall and her imitation is bad) who pressures the customer with "Be a man! Do the right thing!" The above reminds me of that.

Or a reason not to use a differing injectable of your choice?



i think Yogi has had some horrible issues with Prolactin, to the point where he avoids any version of nandrolone altogether...


Thanks for the feedback guys. DT79 I've looked everywhere online. Cheapest I've found was $16 for a pack of 4 @.05. Problem is they're sold out. Everywhere else was double or triple the price. It'll be nice to find them at those prices.

Bill, I'm only trying deca because of the muscle gain with low sides besides the prolactin side. Plus I have a full vile of it at home.


You obviously havent done enough research on deca. It is notorious for negative side effects on some users.


yup, leaky nips and no sex drive for 6 months after a cycle of NPP!

One of the worst things I ever did.


Was that your first time running a 19 nor?


yup, first and last.

Sometimes I think about running tren but I'm too scared.

Bloodwork was coming back fine, too.


Aww man i think id try a low dose of tren and see what happens lol


In that case Deca isn't called for.

If there were a joint issue that Deca helped you with, that would be the only reason I'd include it, and even then at lower dose, as this much is not needed for joint help.

If aiming for lowest side effects / lowest risk of side effects (not exactly the same thing) for given anabolic effect, then nandrolone (both Deca and NPP are nandrolone) should be out, for reasons you'll see backup testimony for here.

On trenbolone, also mentioned: Don't worry about the "19-nor" classification: It's about like classifyng water, alcohol, and gasoline all as "liquids" and making a decision about water based on what one knows about gasoline, or vice versa. Nope.

The only area where there can be a genuine relation is that very unfortunately, UG trenbolone has a high rate of being substituted or adulterated, and can contain nandrolone instead of trenbolone, as that's far cheaper. So nandrolone side effects can occur with UG trenbolone. With legit trenbolone, it's far preferable to Deca for side effect profile except for those who happen to be high responders to the increased aggression aspect, or who have sleep trouble, or who get night sweats.

I'd substitute the 300 mg Deca with Masteron or Primobolan, if I did not have trenbolone. Still another choice, also better for side effects in general than including the Deca, would be increasing the testosterone in place of using the Deca.


You hear that yogi? Trens calling your name


"Be a man! Do the right thing!" :slight_smile:


I will never, ever try Deca. I do want to try Tren, but man, as much as I sweat at night already, I'm not sure I could tolerate it. EQ and Tren are probably the only injectables I'll consider outside of Testosterone. Maybe Masteron.


Thanks again for all your input. Looks like I'll be dropping deca for this cycle. I'll just stick to dbol and test for now. Maybe bump up the test a bit.


I dunno man, I've heard a LOT of persistent libido loss horror stories about tren too!