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Test, Deca, DBol First Cycle

Hey guys I’m healthy no allergy symptoms 5,10 192 lbs 16% body fat, I want to run a cycle and was going to go with 500 mg test weekly 14 weeks, 250 mg deca weekly 10 weeks, 30 mg d bol ed for 5 weeks, using 500iu hcg weekly from 3-14 weeks with .5 mg of caber full cycle and clomid or Nolvadex for pct, is that a good cycle to run, any advice?

You should definitely be running an AI. Preferably aromasin, like 12.5mg every other day. Also whats your goal? 250mg of deca is barely gona be noticeable if your trying to bulk which is what it sounds like judging the compounds. I just started the same cycle but different doses

Absolutely run an AI. The deca is a low dose. Are you running to get some of the joint benefits? Deca probably causes the most long term post-cycle issues. Just search deca and issues in this forum to see how many post of loss of libido and erection issues. The dbol at five weeks straight at 30 is a bit low and long. Try 2 weeks at 40mg daily for the first two and the last two weeks of your cycle. Better to ease into orals to see how your liver tolerates them. Use a liver protector like TUDCA while using orals.

You have put more thought into your cycle than most that post here for the first time.