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Test/Deca/Dbol Cycle

Hey everyone,
Running a conservative bulking cycle and would like some input on what could use tweaking.
Pers. Stats:
6’2 200lbs @11%bf. 5yrs lifing experience
Macros: 300P 400C 75F

Wk 1-10 Test E @300mg/wk
Wk 1-10 Deca @200mg/wk
Wk 1-5 Dbol @30mg/ED

Wk 1-11 Arimidex @.25mg/ED
Wk 1-5 N2Guard @ED

Wk 12-16 Nolvadex @40,40,20,20/ED

Obviously looking for minimal side effects. Dont want to run 500+mg/wk on test, but would 400mg/wk be better for the amount of Deca?

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my Rules of thumb are to run test/secs at a 2/1 ratio and not exceed 2mg per lb of lean body mass with deca. So yeah 200/400 should work fine. I team 300/600 Just without the dbol

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Looks good. Only thing I would suggest is you probably won’t need an AI on that conservative of a test/deca/dbol dose.

In all honesty if your looking to minimize sides. Drop the deca and dbol and run the test at 500mg/wk for 12 weeks. I think you will have better results with less sides on this then what you have laid out

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Thankyou for your feedback

The AI was intended to prevent gyno from the dbol

Your not gonna develop gyno in 5 weeks running dbol at 30mg a day. Altho I promise that you will crash your E2 running adex 0.25 mg ED

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Welllllll he could, it’s just very unlikely.

You can get gyno running nothing

I had it during the early stages of puberty.

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Unnecessary and also snake oil. There, I saved you $50.

I would be running my AI the exact same way he is. It would not crash my E2. Not even close.

EDIT: actually I tell a lie - I’d be doing .5mg eod

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It seems that works for some people. Especially during the weeks he takes dbol.

Altho from my research and reading of logs forums and personal experiences the majority of people would not use this high of a dose.

For me this would bottom me out by the end of the second week

The times they are a changing.

Back when I first started using, a cycle like this would have always had the Alex .5mg eod recommendation. We all did it and nobody crashed their E. Now it’s fashionable not to run an AI. Not saying one is right and the other is wrong, just that it’s funny the way things change.

Really? It seems like all the people I talk to that have been running gear for a long time talk about adex and AIs as that “new thing”.

I agree tho I don’t think either is wrong. But i hear a lot more cases of people crashin estrogen then getting REAL gyno(not the “my nipples Itch and are puffy” gyno) on some test or test and orals

My motto is listen to your body if you feel good the less drugs the better

AIs have been around close to 30 years.

The new school of thought on oestrogen control is interesting, but I’m not ready to throw away my AIs quite yet. I still use one, and probably always will, but I have lowered the doses I use by a little bit. That said, I was never really one to fear oestrogen. I mean, your body doesn’t really make hormones it doesn’t need, you know?

Dante Trudel made a really interesting post about it which I wish I could remember where it was or I’d post it. He was talking about how a lot (and I mean a LOT) of the bodybuilders from the pre-AI era died from a specific heart problem which we don’t see as much of these days (sorry for not having more detail, like I said I can’t remember where the post was) which could maybe suggest that having sky high oestrogen for a long time has it’s own deleterious effects. He’s not entirely convinced by the new school either, and I’ve always been one to pretty much do whatever Dante says! haha.

Who knows. I guess the science’ll become a bit clearer in the next few years. There are some pretty smart dudes out there like Dr Serrano making some interesting points, but there’s a million other smart dudes who disagree.

As for crashing oestrogen, I think most of those cases are just the same as the people who think they’ve got gyno when they don’t. I hear a lot of people claiming crashed oestrogen, but I don’t see much bloodwork showing it. Saw a thread on here I think it was not that long ago where some dude was like “I took adex for 3 days and crashed my E!” In three days? Really? Not to mention that a lot of the symptoms of having E too high and too low are actually pretty similar. I do think that I’ve seen a lot more gyno than legitimately crashed E though. I knew a poor bastard who had fucking terrible gyno after 3 weeks on a prohormone. Looked like you could fucking milk the dude.

But whatever, I guess everyone’s different. I’m just not ready to buy into the fashionable new way of thinking quite at this time. I expect it’ll come full circle and we’ll be using sensible (perhaps lower, of course) doses of AIs again soon. Like I said in an earlier post, the .5mg eod of adex for a 500mg test cycle was the cut and dried way of doing things which millions of us did with no problem. I think we went too far in terms of keeping our E down, and now we’re going too far with letting it hang out.

Then of course you have to consider that we really don’t know what the long term use of AIs or even drugs like Nolva will be, but hey - we’re injecting our bodies full of some shit we bought off the internet that some dude brewed up in his bathtub. Do we really think we can do that and stay as healthy as we would be without it? We’re a funny bunch, us bodybuilders.

Just some ramblings of mine…