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Test/Deca/Dbol Cycle

I’m looking to do a Test/Deca/dbol cycle, I want to know what else do I have to use with this cycle to keep it as safe as possoble ?

Arimidex or Aromasin…possibly Letrozole for an AI (in order of least powerful to most powerful but also easiest to least tolerable)

Some people can keep everything controlled with just an AI but if not add in an anti prolactin of either Pramipexole or preferrably Cabergoline.

So some googling on dosage etc as a baseline but ultimately every body is pretty different.

You want to run 3 compounds that are HIGHLY aromatising without any idea ? bro did u just google test deca dbol and just copy pasted? atleast have some basic knowledge before asking questions like this

Dbol gave me gyno within weeks and I was on 2 mg Adex/week. Had to switch to Letrozole and stop the dbol to get rid of the lumps. Didnt gain shit while using it either.

Letro is infamous for killing gains, I had a similiar thing happen and lost control of estro last year and had to stop mid tren cycle, it was not very fun.

How often do I take aromasin and caber during this cycle ? And do I 100% need to take HCG

I take those on pin days. 2 x /week

With your current cycle i would do 12.5 ED just to be safe might even bump it up to 20.5 ED, take hcg after last pin for 2 weeks then go into PCT.

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