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Test/Deca/Dbol Cycle: How Much Strength Gains from the Dbol vs Test/Deca?

Hi guys.

I’m doing my first bulking cycle now (test/deca/dbol/aromasin), and I’m 3 weeks in. I’ve seen insane strength gains, and I’ve already gained 20+lbs (I know some is water bloat).

I think the Dbol is making me nauseous and decreasing my appetite, as I’ve seen it does for others. I’m thinking about halving my daily intake (from 50mg to 25mg), or cutting it altogether.

I think my question is: how much of my strength gains is directly related to the dbol as opposed to the test/deca (the deca may not even have kicked in yet). I might suffer through some of the dbol side effects if it’s what’s causing my massive strength gains.

At week 3… the majority is from the dbol. You will likely experience a dip in weight when you cease the dbol before the other compounds start yielding results.

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thanks mate. Is there a way to private message you about a few other questions I might have? You’re always so helpful in responding to my posts. Thank you, truly.

Unfortunately PMs were removed to avoid source sharing. You can tag peoples attention by using the ‘@’ symbol followed by their name. For example @nyclifter

that’s a bummer. i have a source what I want more of is friends! :slight_smile:

LOL well this is a good group on here. Not too many snarky people and lots of help to be found.

when does the Deca really kick in, and what should I expect then?

4-5 weeks. Gave me a really full albeit slightly watery look. Good strength and mass gains. Its an awesome compound but I suffered from ED on it so I had to discontinue using it. Ironically I had no problems with it when I was younger.

This never makes sense to me. Nobody is gaining ‘good weight’ this fast, on any cycle.

dbol does the opposite for me. makes me feel amazing, and good for appetite. If you’ve actually gained 20 lbs in 3 weeks, I think appetite is the least of your concerns… lol.

the deca has done absolutely nothing to this point. The test… maybe a little. it’s mostly the dbol, dbol works very fast.

assuming you won’t be running the dbol through the entire cycle, you’ll be able to gauge how effective the other compounds are once you stop the dbol. Whatever you gain from, say, week 5 through the end of your cycle will be the other stuff.