Test/Deca/Dbol Cycle Advice?

First time post new member. Thank you in advance for any tips help.

Small bit about me 5’8” 170 45 yr old. I’ve been working out for the last year and a half (minus last few months shoulder issue, light work outs). I’ve also done 2 3 month cycles of test E.

First was 200/wk for the 12 weeks. I waited about 4-6 weeks then another test 200/wk with dbol 30mg for first 6 weeks or so then 20 mg 2 weeks and followed out the test for the last 4 weeks. I had some pretty good results even though it wasn’t a heavy cycle at all.

Had shoulder issues last couple months or so and have lost a good bit of gains so I want to start one in the next few weeks. I have Test E 400 deca 300 and dbol. I was going to do 400 test/300 deca/ 30mg dbol a day cpr the first 4 weeks. I have enough for a 10 week cycle.

I’m average build maybe 15% body fat, active job. My goal is to pack on a good bit of muscle and tone up lose a few pounds I’ve gained lol. My thoughts are getting a bit of size and strength going into my 50s give me a good edge.
I think that’s it advice or comments or tips please and thank you.

If you choose to run a cycle that includes deca then expect to go on trt after. Full stop.

Deca for 10 weeks will be slightly better than deca for 0 weeks. Slightly. There’s a reason deca cycles are 16 weeks minimum. Either buy enough to do the full run or skip it entirely.

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Gotcha, thanks for the reply. What if I ran the deca at 150?
I have

10 ml bottle deca 300
10 ml bottle of test E 400
I00 20mg tabs dbol
Should I worry about estrogen? Had zero issues before. I have some arimidex and nolvadex just in case.
That’s what I have to work with. Don’t wanna be huge but pack on some good muscle and strength 10-15 lbs maybe??

Are you planning to PCT after this cycle or are you going drop down to cruise/trt?

I dont know what type of shoulder issue you had. Most have weak external rotators. I found facepulls helped me eliminate shoulder pain by strengthening my external rotators.

At 45 id look at TRT long term. Deca 250mg per week added to a cycle is good for us guys over 40 with aches and pains etc.

Good luck mate

You haven’t mentioned PCT at all. Is that the plan, or are you going to stay on forever?