Test/Deca/Dbol Bulk

What’s up guys, I’m about to start my second cycle but wanted to post here for some advice.
In the past, I ran a 10 week cycle of Test Prop at 500mg/wk. Body responded well, no issues or major sides. While I did get slightly stronger/bigger, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the gainz, and thus have not ran a cycle in about 2 years.
Now after a couple years of natural training, I am hoping to run another cycle in hopes of reaching a new level. Here are some stats:

25 years old
~12% body fat
My diet ranges from 3500-4200 kcal/day depending on if it’s a practice day, as I am a collegiate athlete (no I won’t be tested).

For my next cycle I am thinking something as follows:
Dianabol 25mg/day weeks 1-4
Deca 350mg/wk weeks 1-12
Test E 400mg/wk weeks 1-12
HCG 4iu/day weeks 1-12
Arimidex .5mg/day weeks 1-12

Clomid 100mg/day week 1 – 50mg/day week 2-4
Nolvadex 40mg/day week 1-- 20mg/day week 2-4

Does this cycle look good to you guys? Should I start the test and Deca after the dbol? If this is stupid as fuck, I completely understand and am very open to criticism.
I am also open to dropping the dbol if you think I could make good gainz on the test and Deca alone. Thanks in advance for your help!

Is been debunked that there is no benefit at all taking Nolva and Clomid together, I would stick to Nolva only.

Arimidex .5 per day seem a little high for me, maybe .5 EOD, apparently Arimidex builds up, we don’t want to crash E2 just keep it on check.

HCG 4iu? I thought the standard was 250iu twice a week for a test only cycle…

Check that out, would help a lot planning your PCT.


So I’m currently running almost the same cycle as you just with masteron on top of it. I’m keeping test deca and mast at around 450/week and dbol 40/day. It’s only been a week but the dbol kicked in fast, I tried 20 at first but wasn’t really noticeable. 40 is definitely easy to feel. Aggression up and my joints feel better. Already bloating though.

Thanks for getting back, oc.
So I should drop the Clomid, and stick to using only nolva for a PCT using the doses I stated above?
Then change Arimidex to .5 EOD
And up the HCG to 250iu twice per week during the cycle?

With these changes, my cycle support would be sufficient? Or do I need different compounds entirely?

Drop the clomid, stick with Nolva. (way more efficient)

You’ll need something for progesterone due to Deca, read the link that I posted and you’ll have the answer to all your questions.