Test + Deca Cycle

Hi, i am 26 and i was thinking to follow this cycle:

Weeks 1-11:
-Test E 500mg every monday
-Deca 200mg every monday
-Arimidex 0.5mg a week since week 2 (0.25mg monday and 0.25mg friday)
-I will pin test and deca at the same time
-During weeks 3,4,5 i will take 400mg of deca instead of 200mg

Week 12:
-Test E 500mg
Adex 0.5mg (0.25mg monday and 0.25mg friday)

Weeks 11 and 12:
HCG: 500iu every 4 days

Pct will start 2 weeks after last test pin and will last 4 weeks:
Week 1-3:
-Clomid 50mg every day
-Nolvadex 40mg every day
Week 4: Nolvadex 20-40mg every day

1.My goal is gaining as much muscle mass as possible. Is it something you would change?
2.Is it enough arimidex? In my opinion it should be enough to prevent gyno but I posted this on different forums and some people recommended me 0.5mg eod while others said that 0.25mg a week is just fine.
3. I never took hcg before and i want to try it this time in a low dose. If you could tell me a more efficient and safe way to take it i would apreciate that.

Thank you!

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You need an extra week before starting pct. the deca takes ~4 weeks to clear. Skip the Clomid, it’s redundant when you have Nolva.

What’s your age? Stats? How many previous cycles?

26 years old, 98kg, 1.86m, 2 test E only cycles before.
If deca clears in 4 weeks and i stop it in week 11 then can i run test E only in weeks 12 and 13 and start the pct after 2 weeks?

I’d wait three weeks after the test clears, but otherwise yes run the test a week or two longer than the deca.

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Iron, how long do you think one should wait after a last shot of TPP to clear before starting nolva? 5 days?

After an eight week cycle (or something longer) give it a week.

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I always feel uncomfortable when see 26 yr guy get on such a cycle, even on forum like this one is.
I admit, my AAS trip didn’t went perfect when I started in my 30s. I did Test E and Deca too, tried to shoot both at the same time - ended like puffing bloated low breath asocial creature and then went to each every 15 days. good results but the coming down was nightmare. Not desired response I know, but something to consider… Good luck!

You injected every 15 days? (trying to understand what you’re saying)

I injected every week, alternating Test and Deca.

That is a bad protocol. You will have more success doing it in a more structured fashion next time.

If you are reffering to me, no thanx, I’m not doing any Deca ever. I’m 50 now and all I’ll do will be some light Test/Anavar/T-bol cycles

Proper dosing is important irrespective of what compound it is. And yeah, at some point you become too old for nandrolone and the associated risks to be justifiable.

nah, that’s arguably just as bad, don’t want to tank you’re HDL down to sub 10 and raise LDL up sky high at 50+. it’s a recipe for atherosclerosis city, stick to injectables, how long have you been cycling for?

EDIT: 30’s, wow… that’s almost 20 years! Do you have regular check ups regarding cardiovascular health (Echo would be good, plaque/calcium score would be good to have a grasp on to)


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It’s going to be the first time i will use deca and i want to start with 200mg but it just happened to have 3 more ampoules in hand so why not?

I have another question. Many people especially trainers or fitness youtubers claim that deca is a “bad quality steroid” and you should avoid it at all cost. Can someone explain that?

Ahh the imortal question when to call it quits & go naty…

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Ah, no, I’m not on juice for 20 yrs… I just did couple test E cycles and some D-bol along. I’ve never combined the two. My blood and CV were good last time I checked.

The reason why not is because your blood levels won’t ever really stabilize and will look like this:

I can understand front loading with 400 mg the first week and then running 200 mg a week the rest of the cycle. Then your blood levels will look more like this:

You can save the extra ampules for another cycle later. If you really need to use up the extra ampules then just extend the whole cycle.

Did you perceive any long term benefit in terms of said cycles, or as time passed by would you say you reverted towards what you were natty?