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Test/Deca Cycle

Hi, i would like hear your opinions about this cycle (12 weeks)

Weeks 1-10
-Test E 500mg a week (2 pins of 250mg) (i was thinking 1 week 250 and the other one 500)
-Deca 400 mg a week (2 pins of 200mg)
-Proviron 25mg a day
-Adex 0.5 mg a week
-Cabergoline 0.5mg a week

Weeks 10-12
-Test E 500mg a week (2 pins of 250mg)
-Proviron 25mg a day
-Adex 0.25 mg a week
-Cabergoline 0.25mg a week

PCT (1 week after the last pin)

-First 3 weeks HCG 3000 IU a week
-After that:
Days 1-10:
-50 mg of clomid a day

  • 40 mg of nolvadex a day
    Days 11-25:
  • 50 mg clomid a day
  • 40 mg nolvadex a day
    Days 25-45:
  • 50 mg clomid a day
  • 20 nolvadex a day

I have 2 problems:
1.People say that nolva should never be taken after a deca cycle. Why not?
2.Is the HCG enough or should i rise the dosage?
Thank you!


  1. I’ve never heard that and there’s no reason to believe it’s true
  2. That’s way too much hCg and is totally unnecessary

Your pct is a mess, that’s for sure. It’s far more complicated than you need and it is very likely to be an unpleasant experience. That much Clomid (which isn’t even necessary in the first place) is just asking for nasty side effects.

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Iv never heard about not taking after. Your fine taking it after. Iv heard people say not to take nolva while taking a 19-nor like deca or tren and they make a damn good point. I think it has to due with the whole prolactin issue. But after cycle for pct your fine

And Ditch the clomid