Test-Deca Cycle to Repair Tissue for 60 Yr Old?

hi guys, wrote a few days ago asking for a cycle to cruise an blast, and your help has been quite valuable. Now I have another question for you: my father is an old man of 65, who har artrosis and some joint pain in wrist and elbow. I have just come up with and article suggesting that deca could cure that repairing the joint, could I do a mini cycle to fix him? in that case what would be the protocol? I was thinking of test 100 a week, and deca 50 a week, with some tamox here and there and caber once a week to keep prolactin low. It would be done for just a month, and then a mini pct of two weeks tamox. What do you think? thanks in advance people!

PS: by the way, I am gonna be using the standard 600 mg/week of test.e, but I have this lasting tennis elbow pain from a few years ago, will I benefit as well introducing like 100 mg/week? I have seen people using 100 deca and 100 EQ to help to repair tissue and injury. What are your thoughts on this? something to take into account if running my crazy idea?

He may get relief while using but it will not repair anything. I wouldn’t dose your 65 year old father with any AAS. Tennis elbow is a tendon issue. Deca increase fluid in synovial joints so no it would not likely help you either assuming its true Tennis elbow. In fact, most AAS have shown to overload the tendon with increase muscle thereby exacerbating tendon problems.

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thanks for replying man, Yeah, sounds like solid advise, but how was it intended to fix joints in horse if it has adverse effects on joints?

I said it has adverse effects on tendons, not joints. It ‘cushions’ joints via increased synovial fluid with the major synovial joints being knees and shoulders. It can blanket problem areas. It does not heal them though.

ok ok, understood, will take it into account, thanks man!

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Best of luck sir!

@blshaw is correct, Deca won’t heal joint pain, just relieve it. I recommend you look into a peptide called BPC157. It can actually repair tendon and joint damage.

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BPC157 is reported to be good. TB500 also is reported to help with tendon issues. These won’t suppress you either. I would check into these. I was about to pull the trigger on BPC157, but my tendon issues went away once I changed my training / exercise selection a bit (was peaking for a PL meet, so I had to straight bar squat and bench which my shoulders/elbows don’t like for very long if using heavy ass weight)

I do know a guy who has used HGH to repair tendons. He said it worked really well, but that he would not do it again as HGH use can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes if one uses to long or to much for them.

already bought that peptide because of your suggestion, thanks! we will see how it ends up working

what would be the protocol to using BPC157? have already ordered

I haven’t taken it, but I hear you do an injection every day. I hear doing it at the site of pain works the best.

This is only what I have heard, others who have used it / are knowledgeable about it, feel free to correct me.

I did 500mcg/day for two weeks, injected where I had elbow pain. If that’s too painful for the old man, he could try SubQ injections in his belly fat with an insulin needle.

thanks man, will do that :ok_hand:

Twice a day is best due to the half life of BPC 157. 250 mcg via insulin needle near the pain. Its synergistic so its not super critical to get it right in there.

BPC-157 does not need to be injected at site that you want to help repair. Just do subq in belly fat as it works systemically. 250mcg twice daily works best.

I thought I’d link this recent study

(Nandrolone relieve joint pain in hypogonadal men)

Certainly not recommending Nandrolone be given to anyone, let alone a 65y/o man. Good to see the medical community is finally looking into this though.

so it certantly hepls, why wouldnt you recommend it to anyone? experiences? side effects you have seen?

I generally don’t recommend drugs to anyone. Taking something (a medicaton, ped, anything) should be a choice individualisticly made. I’m not a doctor, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I recommended someone take X and they died of a heart attack a few months later

No particular reason besides ‘i’m not comfortable recommending things.’

already running it, man…it works wonders, do you know if when coming off the effects will be lost?

I do a low dose Deca cycle every 10 weeks. It will not cure anything, but does reduce pain in the joints. Does take a few weeks for the stuff to build up in your system though.