Test/Deca Cycle Side Effects? Upcoming Bloodwork

Good day all!
I’m 50 years young, have been resistance training (on and off) for +30 years. Did a couple short (8 weeks) cycles many years ago…
1st = stanozolol,
2nd = sustanon 250
Feb 2020 was hospitalized in ICU for one month following a random life-threatening lower-jaw infection… 4 operations within a week and medically induced coma for 3 weeks…
I entered hospital at 225lbs pretty lean, and emerged in March a 160lb weakling…
I’ve been training well to get some meat back on my bones…In December I started 400mg Test now I’m up to 840mg per week (3x injections @280mg)
I added Deca late December for joint pain and now at 420mg per week (2x @210mg)…
Admittedly, I went a little hard on the Deca at first:
Week 1= 600mg
Week 2= 700mg
Week 3= 510mg…
Jan 3rd I switched
from Test 400/CC
(Cypionate 187mg + Enanthate 188mg + Proprionate 25mg)
To Test 400/CC (Cyp. 200mg + Enanthate 200mg)
I started in Jan A/I (Anastrozole) 1mg/ day for 10 days (or so) and reduced to 0.5 after feeling like shit…tired.
It’s been about a week feel less tired but still not 100%…
Question: can different A/Is have different (side) effects?
Question: I have blood tests coming up Jan 27th…initially i planned to come off so my T levels would appear low (to get scripts) but now I’m very curious to know what all my numbers look like mid-cycle…what’s the common practice?
I plan to stay on T840mg + D420mg till March…then adjust…
I have 420IU Somatropin coming which I plan to start in March for 16 weeks…

If you are comparing things like arimadex, aromasin, letrozole etc then yes

Where are you located? If mid cycle is desired get private labs done. You can find a couple sources online.

Bruh, even on 800mg test that’s a pretty hefty dose, no wonder you’re dragging now. I’d lay off it for a couple weeks, let your e2 come back up, then try like .25-.5mg after each test injections, feel it out from there.

That’s 14 days from now, clearance of C/E esters would mean that after your 840mg dose, you’d have 420mg still in your system the next week, then 210mg by the time of your bloodwork. There is no way around that, that I know of. Push your labs with the doc back 2-3 weeks if you want a Rx.

If you want mid-cycle labs now (always a good idea) you can use an online service to get them privately

I have nothing to add about the drugs, but man! That must have sucked so bad

I assume you’ll be transitioning to trt after this, yes? Because otherwise…