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Test/Deca Cycle Question

I am on my 4th week of a test cyp 600mg’s EW and Deca 400mg’s per week. I have lots of experience doing cycles and lifting (10 years experience). I am intaking about 4200-4500 calories a day, still mostly clean food and have been running this cycle now for 4 days. Most of my experience with AAS is with test, test/eq, or test/anavar.

This is my first cycle with deca. I am on my 4th week and have not noticed much of anything other than increased libido (probably from the test). I might have gained just a couple of lbs, maybe 3-4lbs total. I was expecting this to be a cycle where I added weight fast even if some of it was water. I lost some weight over the last year and i am down to 185 from 200 after going through a divorce. i am trying to bullk back up, are these results not unusual from a test/deca cycle?

I have always responded very well to test/eq and my appetite increases tremendously and i am not getting the results that I have gotten in the past.

My diet consists of 280-350 grams of protein, 300grams of carbs and about 115grams of fat per day. My body fat right now is between 7-8% on skin pinch calipers, I weigh between 182-185 and Im 5’10. I am extremely lean and vascular, just trying to add my size back.

You are on a gram of gear per week and haven’t gained shit in a month?

If I were a bettin’ man, I’d reckon you got some bunk gear my friend…

That is what I was thinking. I have gotten gear from this source for a while and it has always been great. He carries 2 different brands and I tried the one that I have never tried before due to him being out of the other. I have always heard that deca takes a while before you could really start to see or feel the effects but damn, a month is a little much.

My strength really hasnt gone up either and I have always strayed away from deca due to the decrease in libido and that is the only thing that i even feel is my libido is stronger. I am really no stronger in the gym either but I have noticed that i get winded more easily too. I have always heard that is a side effect of deca but it could also be seasonal allergies. In your opinion, based upon stats and diet what kind of gains should I be expecting from this cycle considering i am an experienced lifter and AAS user.

Not sure what happened but the day after I posted this I think that everything started to kick in a bit. I have been feeling a little ill due to allergies and I went to the gym anyways on the 21st and worked out chest. Well I set PR’s on flat bench and incline dumbell press. Even though I have felt like shit all week my strength has been through the roof.

Still only up about 5lbs in the first 4 weeks but now I am starting to feel the strength gains. I had all of the symptoms that it was working before, oily skin, sweating more, acne so maybe my gear isnt bunk like I initially thought. I should have gotten some dbol for the first 4 weeks though to kickstart the cycle in retrospect. I didnt know that it took this long before I would feel the deca working, not sure if this is normal.