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Test & Deca Cycle, How Many Injections Per Week?

Hello Guys,
I just finished my first cycle = 300 mg TEST e (PHARMA GRADE) shot twice a week
Monday : 150mg
Thursday : 150 mg

  • Arimidex 0.5mg EOD
    Believe it or not I had good gains on it.
    PCT : HCG 500 IU twice a week + arimidex 0.5 EOD

Now I want to run my second cycle of TEST & DECA,
250mg TEST E/week & 150 mg DECA/week
I’am firm believer of low dosages and I got my hand on pharma grade stuff.
so my question is should I inject 250 mg TEST E at once on Monday
and 150 mg DECA on thursday at once either.
Or I should split the dosages.
I can’t do more than 2 injections per week, I always have PIP. ( I alternate between left quad & right quad)
Any Advice, THANKS!!!

You can load the Deca and Test in one syringe and still pin twice a week. You shouldnt mess with the 2x/week protocol in my opinion.

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Maybe get a proper pct before planning a second cycle, my man.

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I’m currently on 290 Cypionate / 200 Deca weekly from my doctor. They told me there is no need for more than weekly injections, but I am also high SHBG.

Who gave you this advice for pct? I’m genuinely curious. Did you read this somewhere from any up to date forum or study?

Are you on TRT then?

Yes, for about 8 months now. Started at 140 a week, and gradually increased all the way to 290. Just recently Entered the low normal range of FT.

Out of curiousity is the deca for any particular issue (muscle wasting, joint pain etc) or is it to aid in bodybuilding (either is fine), personally if I had the option to get something scripted I’d probs prefer more test (more libido… At least for me it seems higher dose = higher libido, however there’s probably a cut off point… Also I can’t see me ever taking more than 300mg/wk, even if it was scripted because 300mg would probs get me to like 1700-2000ng/dl) the androgenicity is a huge issue for me BUT, I am getting laser hair removal (and a fuck ton of it… Multiple times… Payed by me) but I think it’s worth it because in the future I never have to worry about it again yeet.

So… How’s the recovery time between workouts on the test + deca?

Yeah it was prescribed for joint pain, and I must say it really has been great. I’m finally able to do some running, and beginning squats again (I have a torn meniscus and the pain was previously too bad before Deca).

Recovery time is very quick, I’ve also found it is very hard for me to achieve muscle soreness no matter how hard I hit it in the gym. I try to switch things up with new exercises, and I’m able to achieve some soreness that way, but it never lasts more than a day.

I’ve gained about 15 lbs of muscle and lost about the same in fat over the past 8 months, and I’ve completed one cycle of deca for 10 weeks, currently on my second cycle on week 5 (doc requires 10 weeks on maximum and minimum of 10 weeks off).



(Secretly being influenced)

Just kidding, but that does sound amazing, it’s hard for me to keep up with my vigorous exercise routine because I’m always sore all over, supposed to be doing some cardio, shoulders, abs, forearms, hamstrings tommorow but my shoulders, legs and forearms are still have pretty bad doms. (and to anyone who tells me to exercise less… The answer is no, so long as I haven’t torn or dislocated anything I keep going lol)

Thanks for the reply,
I really like this idea, ( 2x/week is perfect for me )
Is it dangerous to mix the 2 substances? or everybody does it?

2 weeks after my last shot of TESTe
HCG 500 UI twice a week + 1/2 pill anastrozole.
PCT 4 weeks.

Do you any other suggestions?

Don’t run an AI for pct…

Why are you taking anastrozol after you’re off test?

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OK, sounds good,
No AI during PCT.
But regarding the DECA + TEST injection.
Should I do like TEST on Monday
DECA on Thursday,
or same day but twice a week?

Just mix them in the barrel and inject like you would a single compound.

I don’t really see the point in injecting twice weekly unless you are low SHBG. Have you had a recent blood test to see what your levels are?

I’ve heard that taking a week off training ever so often will really shock your system and give you greater gains long term, but like you, I can’t take a week off…maybe sometime this summer during vacay

I sound like a broken record, but you should be aware that deca causes some users to have zero libido for years after cessation, even in moderate to low dosages. A quick search on this site and you will see what I’m talking about.

For me, that risk simply ins’t worth the perceived reward, and aside from minor joint relief, I’m not aware of some miracle effect that Deca offers that test or other compounds don’t.