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Test/Deca Cycle for My First


I am starting my first cycle. currently i am 6'0 about 210. I am running test E at 250mg/wk and deca 300mg/wk. I unfortunately messed around with prohormones in the past and i got a little bit of gyno. My first injections were last week, and i am noticing what looks like some water retention in my chest. I have clomid and nolva on hand. Should i run nolva at 20mg/ day or get something like letro?


Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

Let me get this straight...

  • Youre doing one injection per week of test e of 1ml @ 250mg/ml

  • You currently have hormone induced gyno and are running a cycle with 2 compounds with no adex, aromasin, letro etc...

  • Your ratio between test/deca is 2.5/3



The misconception about the ratio of test:deca really needs to end. A replacement dose of test is all that is needed in any cycle including other anabolics.


Dont use Deca in a first cycle. Start over, it needs a lot of work


I have clomid/ nolva on hand. I thought that was enough, and secondly it is why I am asking questions to find out. As far as the deca/ test for a first cycle I know a few people who have ran it and been just fine.


Great so youre good to go then. Have fun


All i did was get criticized the question wasnt even closely answered. Should i run nolva or something else daily so i dont get any negative side effects since i am very prone to them?


Why are you here if youre not even going to ask WHY certain advice is offered? Do you think someone wants to answer you after youve said "but my friends did X, I'll be good"?

Read the SERM/AI sticky please


okay. here is some background info. 3 1/2 years ago i started out training at 120 lbs. In that time i managed to bulk to 205 before i touched anything hormonal. I got on a prohormone cycle and bulked to 220. i am down to 210 at the moment. I want to bulk again and since gear isnt that much more than supplements, and far more researched out i would rather use the real stuff. As far as what i want to run here it goes:

Deca 300mg/ wk weeks 1-12
test E 250/ wk weeks 1-12

clomid 100/50/50/50 weeks 15-18
nolva 40/20/20/20 weeks 15-18

Now any input as to what i could do better would gladly accepted. Please tell me the reasoning behind it besides 'because you shouldnt'.




Whats so hard about reading the stickied threads? Seriously.

If you want to run your deca and test fine. Go do it. But obviously theres a disconnect here when it comes to first cycles and multiple compounds. It seems like you joined the forum and posted immediately. Do some resding here


Iâ??m reading this and fully understand all your pov however I am reading these posts in an attempt to.. do the reading.. but all I seem to find is this same old stuff about how someone should know better. how much more difficult is it to suggest a link of where to look instead of just pissing and moaning about the question. Then the â??stupid questionsâ?? would eventually stop.


This is beyond you simply having to pop a proper test/deca cycle into a google search engine - you have prior gyno issues and youre doing another cycle? Where the fuck is the letro?! you didnt read shit. You should not be doing steroids.


Who are you responding to? The OP did not make the post above you.


The problem is that there are multiple opinions about all of this stuff. If it was as simple as posting a link with all the information possible dont you think it'd be in the stickied threads?

When it comes to certain things, YES, people should know better. Do you want to know how all of the people who post info got their info? Reading EVERYTHING. Googling everything. Reading text books. Reading science journals. Just google everything and read until things make sense.

I read this quote somewhere "if you believe everything you read you may die of a typo"

It is necessary to learn things from primary sources and build up a knowledge base so you can determine whether somehting someone says is accurate or not.


My bad bones lol I thought that was the same dude again.. wasnt paying attention.


Bonez is giving you a hard time because we find it ridiculous how so many people come in here and admit how much they eff up their bodies and then ask what went wrong, then get pissy about the advice they get.

I'm not nearly experienced as someone like Bonez but I'll try to help you out the best I can. Drop the deca asap and how fast can you get your hands on some letro?