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Test, Deca and what about Winny?

I have 5000mg test enthanate, 4000mg nandrolone phenylpropionate and 1500mg winstrol tabs.
500mg/wk test weeks 1 to 10
350mg/wk deca weeks 1 to 11
30mg/day winny days 1 to 50?

I don’t like the way the winny runs out before the test and deca but I would like to have something to jump start the cycle even though it seems like winny would be better suited at the end to solidify gains.
Any suggestions?

cut cycle total to 8-10 weeks. stop the nadrolone about 2 weeks before test. bump winny to 50-100mg/day. will give more info when you give more. such as stats, how many yrs training, and how many cycles you have done.

jt gave you some good advice. also, bump up that deca dose and run it 8 weeks. bump up the enanthate and run it 10 weeks. the winstrol would be best suited in the last 6 weeks at something like 50-60mgs/ed. whats your anti-e and pct protocol?

Also make sure you split your deca dosages into 2-3 injects/week as the phenylpropinate ester only has a half life of 3-5 days.

This is what I am going to be doing:
500mg/week test weeks 1-10
400mg/week deca weeks 1-10 (2 inj.)
40mg/day winny weeks 10-14
40mg/day nolva weeks 15-18
20mg/day nolva weeks 18-19

Thats an awfully long cycle. If you are dead set on doing a cycle that long I would definetly throw some hcg into the mix.

no need to suppress yourself for 14 weeks bro. move the winny to weeks 5-10. and yes use hcg throughout.

400mg / week deca is a lot for a long time. Do you know how much deca can shut you down?