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Test/Deca and Hcg


I had a post on here a month or so ago exclaiming Im running my next cycle in November. Well turns out Im starting next week lol. Ill be running 600mg test/week and 500\deca. My plan was to run Hcg 250iu 2x a week starting my 2nd week. Ive been reading a lot about it and am finding very mixed results.

Some say cruise on hcg at 250iu 2x per week from the beginning. Others say blast it @500 or 1000 the last 2 weeks before pct. Im second guessing myself now. So whats your personal opinion. Thus is my first time running the hcg. Ive also read that taking too much can reverse the effects of it.


Disregard this just gonna run 250 twice a week


hey I’m actually thinking of running a deca test and dbol cycle how did it go with your cycle

its my first time using the 500 iu weekly also


So far so good. Im on the first week lol. Today is my 2nd injection…
After further investigation I decided on 750mg test 400 deca and 40mg dbol. Decided not to use hcg



I read all that the 1st time you posted it. Thank you…


So you are letting your testes shutdown and have no estrogen management.


Hcg week 16-18 adex 1-14 nolv 16-20