Test/Deca/Anavar Blast on TRT

I’m 41 been on TRT 5-6 years. I weigh 215 at just over 5-9 and 13% Bf off a dexa.

My current TRT protocol is 150 mg test cyp, 50 mg of deca, Hcg and an Ai.

I got my hands on 8 weeks at 50 mg of pharma grade anavar.

I’m thinking of blasting 300mg test, 50-100mg of deca and the anavar.

My question is should I run it at 25 mg a week for 8 weeks, or run the full 50? I have read to do both and a looking for some input on my dosing.

I’m open to running more deca but have been using it to help with joint pain.

My goal out of this is to lean out more while minimizing muscle loss and ideally gaining some. Thanks.

Can you post a picture of what this looks like? I believe you, I’m just nearly exactly those stats (without DEXA) and want to see how far off I am.

You’re on TRT, you’re not going to lose muscle if you keep your protein up and train heavy.

Depends how bad you want your lipids to look. Either would be fine for what you’re doing, but I would do 50mg… I don’t have a great reason as to ‘why’ other than it being a relatively mild steroid and wanting to see a bang for your buck.

How do you plan to adjust your diet to meet your goals?

Deca probably only would work as a placebo. Im not sure your body would even feel such small dose.
Anavar…well, with such low test and deca, id do the max of it. But bang for the buck ratio would say just up the test and deca in exchange for the anavars price. Why take 3 drugs at weird doses, instead of just doing 1 or 2 a bit more? Those 350mgs of Var a week you are willing to take, would be better added to test and deca.
You basically are taking more orals than test and deca… You are taking more orals than injectables combined. Where does that silly logic come from?

You cut down to low teens? Nice work!

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Not sure, haven’t seen the inside of a DEXA yet, but you’re welcome to take a guess on BF%. Profile picture is 5’9 at 210lbs. I’d estimate 12-13%BF but IDK… I have a history of not being able to objectively guess my own BF% lol.
EDIT: @blshaw click the hyperlink in this comment and it’ll launch to my log (with a bigger picture), if you’re interested.

Thank you, BTW

Too small for me to see, but either way you’re making great progress. You came on here a husky lifter and now look like a body builder. Sorry to the OP for derailing.


I guess I should be more clear. I got my anavar through my doctor and I figured since I was adding that I should up the dose of test to a higher dose. I found somewhere online that a good beginner cycle was 300 test 25 mg anavar, so I was kinda going off that.

My ultimate goals is to lean out and creep my weigh up some.

I follow a lot of Stan Efferding’s diet. I try to get around 200+ grams of chewed protein a day while keeping fat below 100 grams.

Below is my last dexa scan, and you look leaner than me if that’s you in your avatar.

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You certainly don’t have to up test just because you add Var, but if you’re going to blast - then you might as well.

Yes and no, it depends. I asked around a bit, some folks run Var up to 80-100mg/day, but I don’t think I would recommend that. It sounds that if 50/day feels alright to you (no weird sides, not like you should expect them), you’re fine to run 50.

If you haven’t tried it yet, consider keeping fats around 50g/day and bumping carbs for the rest, as carbs are quite anabolic. Your protein intake is great.

Thank you, and thank you =)

It can help for pain joint and some strength at low dose .


I’m with thankthetank89 here as far as orals, I understand the low dose deca for joints, otherwise I’d always limit orals to as little as possible unless you’re an actual competitor. (IMO, for health reasons) 50mg is not that much, if you are going to do it, stick with what andrewgen advised.

I would not count olive oil, or coconut oil in your fat grams, I’ve never done so for myself or trainees, unless obese.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the Feedback. I can and will cut my fat down pretty easily. I’ve wondered if as you age you store fat different?

After some reading I’m leaning to 400 text cyp, 50-100mg deca for joint relief, and 50 mg anavar.

Agree, up to about 300cals worth. If you’re using more than this, I would start counting - otherwise, studies have gone to show that the polyphenols in EVOO help reduce visceral fat significantly. There was a decent T-Nation article about it.
^Recommend buying small EVOO bottles that are dark-colored glass, and keeping them in relatively dark, cool places to keep benefits in tact.

Anavar is way more anabolic than testosterone, and they will be fighting for the same AR. I’d keep test dose low and let the other stuff do the work

Thanks for feedback.

Do y’all use an activity tracker? If so do you add the calories from activity to your daily caloric intake? I get ally add 50% thinking it’s overly aggressive with calories burned.

Nope, they’re notoriously inaccurate. Even the best heart rate trackers are spotty, so I wouldn’t rely on them much.

Step trackers work well because they can objectively count steps, to which many people’s LISS cardio of choice is walking/speed walks.

Man today I woke looking sun burned, but I haven’t seen enough sun.

I read some stuff saying this may be a sign of high E2? Is that correct?