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Test/Deca 2nd Cycle


Week 1-14 Sustanon 350mg
Week 1-12 Deca 300mg
Week 1-12 Caber 0.25mg E3D
Week 1-14 Armosin 12.5 EoD

Wait 3 weeks (HcG 1000iu EW and Aromasin 12.5mg EoD)

Clomid 50/50/50/50
Nolva 20/20/20/20

I’m being super safe on this cycle… on my first my libido was 0 by week 7 and didnt come back until pct… also i had taken HcG through out my cycle maybe because of that… i had taken adex but i guess even that work thats why im choosing aromasin on this cycle… i hardly gained anything because of my high/low E2…


What was the first cycle? How long and how high did you go? In my opinion I would use npp instead of deca. It is fast acting so if you do have libido issues you can drop it and have it out of your system within days.


I cannot get my hand son npp… so thats the reasin i chose deca… i might lower the dose for test too @250mg PW and deca @300mg PW, with armoasin MWF @12.5mg caber @0.5mg MT


I’d stick with the dose you have set out for yourself. No point in even running the cycle if you are running almost trt dose.


I think your schedule is off. Sustanon contains some pretty long esters in it (Test Decanoate), therefore it’ll still be in your body so I wouldn’t stop Aromasin on the same week as your last injection. The same goes with the Decanoate and Caber.

Choose Clomid or Nolvadex (most go with Nolvadex it seems). There isn’t much reason you use both.

Read up on HCG usage. There was a recent thread on it being less effective using it at end of cycle than while on. The whole point of taking it on cycle is to keep libido, fullness, etc UP so I doubt it was that which lead to libido loss. Was your first cycle with Deca as well? If so, did you take Caber? That would have certainly caused libido loss. So it’d be HCG 250iu 3x a week while on and leading into PCT.



i can take test e too.

  1. How long should i continue armoasin even after last pin… i will be taking for 3 weeks after my last pin with HcG @ 1000iu pw.
  2. Till when do you suggest i take caber?
  3. im not sure about using only 1 for pct… any good reason i should do it?
  4. I used Hcg for the entire cycle of 500mg test e only, my libido was low on the entire cycle… and was having e2 issues like lethargy, no strength… i did not gain much becaus eof all this… thats why i have lowerd the dose changed from adex to aromasin, and using hcg at the end…



trt dose is basically 100-150mg… i dont mind doing 350mg but i thought if im taking deca which is a mass builder i should keep test at lower end so i can benefit from it, keep the bloat low, libido going and sides at bay…


I know but my point was that you can see tremendous results with even just test at a higher dose as long as estrogen is under control. I guess it all depends on your goal and what you expect from this cycle.


I actually agree a bit with @thebigging about dosage. If taking supraphysiological doses that will shut down your HPTA (and even just 350 will) I seriously would shorten the cycle to 10 weeks and bump to 500 per week. You will almost certainly experience the same side effects at both doses. You must admit, that the whole purpose of this is to grow and get bigger/stronger, so you might as well maximize it. Not to mention that you’ll need even longer to rehabilitate your system EVEN at the 350 dose. 500MG is a fine dosage that will have you experience very few sides.

Try this:
1-10: 500mg Sustanon between two doses
1-10: 400-500mg Deca between 2 doses (same amount of weeks as sustanon due to long ester)
1-13 Aromasin (taper the aromasin on week 13)
1-13 Caber (taper Caber on week 13)
13-16 Nolvadex 20mg ED

Boom. Done.


Also a slight addition: You’re going to experience side effects running a cycle. I hear a lot of people trying to “minimize them” but it always seems like they’re trying to get away with a cycle where they won’t get them at all. Everyone is different but it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll experience some if not all.


And I would still run the HCG during cycle at 250iu three times per week. Also, taking two drugs does not “make pct better” or “more effective.” Read KSMans thread on PCT dosing. A quick search will net you that info. But stick with Nolvadex or Clomid, not both.



i saw a video of dylan gemnelli he stated that there is no need to high high on dosage… high dose dosent account to more gains… that is the reason why i wanted to do a moderate dose cycle…


If I’m reading this right you’re planning to take hCG during PCT, which completely suppresses LH/FSH secretion, which is the whole thing you’re trying to accomplish with clomid and nolva. Don’t take hCG during PCT, it belongs during the cycle.

Also, don’t take both clomid and nolva. One or the other is more effective than combining them.

No way to tell why you had libido issues your last cycle, that’s why it’s so important to get blood work done. You could try lowering the deca, or adding proviron. Caber just addresses the symptoms, doesn’t prevent prolactin from rising like people think it does. Just keep that in mind. Keeping estrogen where it should be is your best bet, and will also minimize the libido sapping effects of deca. I often cruise on 100mg of deca and 200mg test and feel fantastic with a massive libido, no caber whatsoever.


Hey I’m not going to use hcg in pct… It’s after my last pin till before start of pct that is 3 weeks in between…
What do you suggest for pct, nolva only or clomid? And why?


I too have watched Gemelli’s videos. Although he does give some good information, he is not the ultimate authority 9neither am I, of course). The phrase “more does not always equal better” does usually apply, but you absolutely will see better results from more in this case. The question is “can you handle the side effects?” and diminishing returns.

Assuming that your diet is great and you train hard, you will absolutely, positively, without a doubt have better gains from a higher dose of test than at the dose you’re wanting to go with. Your cycle is not considered Moderate. It’s considered low dose. The test is just barely higher than TRT levels.


Maybe I’ll go for 500 test/350 deca then


Nolva is shown to be more effective at half the dose of clomid. It’s also generally associated with a lower rate of side effects. 20mg/day is fine, and should be taken for 6-8 weeks. Some start higher and taper down sooner with good results as well, but a longer cycle such as yours would be better with a longer PCT.


gemelli is a scum bag excuse my language, he is cancer to AAS community, he always tries to sell you his n2guard bullshit and other compounds they are all underdosed garbage


I agree with n2guard and other sarms. But his dosing explanation is pretty good


@thebigging so my sust @350 and deca @300 is gtg?