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Test/Deca 12 Week Cycle

Hey all, new to this site just wanting some opinions/info on this! Can never have enough info!

Little bit of info about me
Been lifting for 4 years

About to start my third cycle, previous 2 were just 500mg of test for 12 weeks with 0.5mg of Adex EOD with nolva pct for 4 weeks, starting 2 weeks after last pin. Worked well besides a little Gyno.

Looking to put in 250mg of deca for 1-10 weeks of this cycle aswell as the 12 weeks of test-e at 500mg. Will be doing 12.5g of Aromasin for my AI as I felt the adex didn’t work in my last cycle. And for pct will be using Nolvadex/clomid.

Should I be using caber with the use of deca? Or is 250mg a week to low to worry about?

Is it worth adding dbols for weeks 1-4 and if so how much?

Have read a lot about the use of HCG and weather to use it from the start of cycle or blast 2 weeks before starting my pct. any advice on this would be muchly appreciated.

Any more advice or other people’s preferences would be great to here! Thanks in advance guys!

That’s a short run for deca. I wouldn’t add dbol to a cycle with two other aromatizing compounds when you have a history of getting gyno from test-only.

Arimidex vs aromasin. I assume you are using some sort of UGL. The thing is if you use the same brand of UGL for your aromasin then it might be bad as well. However if your test was same UGL as arimidex and the test was good then you might have just gotten a bad batch of arimidex or you don’t respond well to arimidex. Even with how popular arimidex is it is just so hard to dilute to make into tablets. Most places use corn starch to bulk a powder compound, and that shit is sticky so you end up with half the batch over dosed and the other half being a very expensive corn starch pill. The other common bulking agent is cellulose and again the cheap cellulose can be sticky, same situation.
The up side is aromasin is dosed at 25mgs vs 1 mg so the is a better chance those tablets have at least some active ingredient, provided the issue was how they bulked it into tablets.

Or you could just be a better responder to anything other than arimidex. I went into all of this because I did the arimidex to aromasin back and forth myself. I found out I just respond better to a very light consistent dose. Like a quarter tablet every day versus half every other day. There is no real reason I can think of beyond bro science. Heck I have even had better results taking lower total weekly dose split into tiny everyday doses versus larger dose with a higher total weekly dose. You might just need to experiment.

The caber question is something you have to find out about. You don’t know how you will respond to the Deca until you do respond. I myself when it comes to limp dick or lactating bitch tit issues I prefer to be safe vs sorry. I would like to inject one thing here. This is one of the few times herbal or over the counter supplements can help, vitamin B6 taken at 600 mgs per day can help the progesterone issues associated with Deca/tren. If you decide to go without caber then I would take the b6. Heck even if you take the caber I don’t think b6 would hurt. I myself just recently decided to try NPP the “fast Deca” I took 0.5 mg of caber split into two equal doses per week along with the b6 and I didn’t notice any issues. That is coming from a guy who does tend to aromatize more than the next guy and I have shown signs of high estrogen fairly easily in the past on cycle. I don’t know if being succeptable to high estrogen has a correlation to being succeptable to higher progesterone. For the record the b6 in no way should be relied upon for all progesterone issues on a high dose cycle, it helps but does not control.

As far as the dbol. Iron said it. Now if you know you take a while to get going on a cycle and you want to try and kick it off earlier without extra estrogen then explore tbol. If you are hoping to lean out while getting a some lean mass on this cycle, explore a winny kicker. Winny really is just about the one compound that can stack with anything. It’s action is independent of the androgen receptors. Tbol on the other hand is really the only compound with mountains of scientific data collected while using it as a performance enhancer, thank the east german Olympic team for that. There is proof that years after they stopped taking the tbol that it still had lasting strength enhancements! Think about that the next time some professional player only gets suspended for a year for having a positive test result.

As far as the HCG goes, two week before PCT is the old school way, get the boys awake then PCT. The use during the entire cycle is supposed to keep you from shutting down so it is supposed to be better or at least get better results for recovery post cycle. There are pros and cons to each method. I bet your wallet will weigh in on which method you end up using.


Thanks @iron_yuppie and @now_i_care both helpful!

I’m not quite sure by what you mean with UGL, but yes both the adex and test were the same brand and did get good results from the test! I will be using Aromasin this cycle just to see how it is seeing I’ve never used it, hopefully I respond better to it than adex (I’m pretty paronoid about Gyno)

I think I’ll go ahead and get some caber as you said it’s better safe than sorry! And I’ll also get some b6 sounds like it will help and I’ll take all the help I can get haha.

As for Tbol or winny, I was hoping to not necessarily bulk just to fill out and put on some size, not really a cut, so that being said would Tbol be better? And if so how much? I used dbol at 50mg a day for the first 2 weeks then down to 30mg a day for the second 2 weeks, would I have to take more with Tbol seeing it is slightly weaker?

HCG is a tricky one, I want to do everything as safe as I can but as you said it’s pricey, and seeing as I’ve never done it before it’s abit daunting. If I use to during cycle do I use it all the way up to my pct or stop with my last pin? Sorry I’m only just learning about hcg and still have a lot more to learn, will do some more research on the subject. Thanks guys!

Also what if I were to use masteron? I don’t have much info on it and I know it wouldn’t be much help in the bulking but just the for Anit estrogen? And then maybe I could increase the length of my cycle? I’m not sure if that could work or not?

Sorry if im like way off on this haha

I don’t think its mild AI properties would be all that noticeable when you’re taking test and deca. But people love mast. I don’t think anyone has ever liked it in a bulk cycle, but maybe someone else will chime in with a good experience.

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How where your gains with this cycle I’m thinking about running a test e and deca cycle at the same dosage