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Test/DBol/Proviron Cycle: Update

It’s been just over a month and I thought I would give, to whom it may concern, some updates. I got a bit of flack for taking proviron over masteron. I wish I had the budget for masteron plus I rather stick to injectables and keep my liver as clean as possible. But, I went with provion. Thru the first 4 weeks I was on 700mg test/week, 20mg dbol ED, 100mg of proviron ED, and 0.5mg adex ED.

I am up around 7 pounds (220 to 227) with no bloat and about the same BF, maybe slightly leaner. Vascularity is way up which makes me think I’m learner but it could also be from the muscle bellies pushing out. I’m not worried about getting any learner in order to maximize the cycle for size.

I am surprised that I did not have to take additional E suppression - the combo of the proviron and the adex are completely handling things. Also, libido is slightly increased. I will now cycle off the dbol for the next 4 weeks; contemplating picking it back up the last 4 weeks of the cycle.

Any thoughts on ending a cycle on dbol?