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Test, Dbol, Drol Cycle. A Little Advice?

I’ll start with the stack I’m working with and my goals because i want to get this stack figured out before starting it. I would love any input on what i can change or what you think!

Dbol 40mg daily, test 750 wk, drol 50-100mg daily, prov 100mg daily, adex .5 daily or eod?

• Dbol wks. 1-6 40mg daily (20 wake up/20mg 1 hr before gym)
• Drol wks. 1-4 50mg daily (tentative, i hate the headaches but love the gains)
• Prov wks. 1-6 50mg x2 daily(with dbol) (first time using this)
• Test e. wks 1-12 375mg bi weekly (750wk)
• Adex. wks 1-6 .5mg daily


• Nolv wks 15-18 20mg daily
• Clom wks 15-16 100mg daily
• Clom wks 17-18 50mg daily

  • I chose prov as well for the hardening effects. Can i run prov all the way till pct even on weeks 12-15 while im waiting to start pct?

  • The dbol and drol are more of a “one or the other” and i really don’t feel the need to stack them but i have read hundreds of positive and negative comments but looking into the experienced guys with experience stacking them, it sounds like a solid base can make an effective use of them together.

  • I realize stacking dbol and abombs is aggressive that’s why ive got the adex and prov, im consdiering HCG in the last three weeks at 500 iu eod.

Im 168 pounds 10% bf. 5’7" as of march 3rd


  1. 185 pounds lean after pct
  2. 15-25% strength perminent increase
  3. Maintained/increased cardio

I know im going to go above my end goal in weight by alot doing this cycle but ultimately im looking into the post pct gains being 15-20 solid pounds.

Now i will throw this out there. Cost isn’t my first priority and i also have a lot of stuff on hand. (Winny, var, t350,tren, sus, primo, alot of test e and test prop, i even have 1000ml bag of bac water haha… and more but can’t think of it all right now)

My lipids died after looking at this.

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My input

im gonna assume you have many previous cycles under your belt and are very experienced in the use of AAS

Drop the dbol keep the adrol

Prov is up to you i personally wouldnt use it with this cycle

Drop adex dosage

Just use nolva pct

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Dropping the dbol is probabaly a good idea eh.
This is my 9th cycle… not a crazy large amount but definitely familiar with the choices I’m making

I was originally thinking .25 daily or .5 eod. For the adex but got paranoid. Less is more usually I’ve learnt in the past but still tend to overkill sometimes. Pct is a prime example. I used hcg on cycle and just nolv pct for my last tren cycle and it worked fine. Anadrol scares me a little more for some reason haha

If ya cant think of anything negative about the prov and just suggest it because its not overly utilized ill probably keep it. If that’s the right dosing for drol and my reason of wanting the hardening eeffects its known to provide. Thats my first time using it and everything else im familiar with so i juts want to see how i react to it.

Very good point on a massive overlook by me. This is why I’m asking you guys :slight_smile: would you suggest dropping the dbol and lowering at adex too

So iv never ran adrol. I would i just havent came to the cycle where im ready to. With that being said i asked a buddy whioe training today who is runnung it at the moment. He said 50 is a modest dose (to him) he runs 100 pre workout and at his most he has added an extra 50 mg later in day to total 150mg/day. But he swear by the stuff.

As far as the lipids go and the effects orals have on your organs etc. There is no gettinf around that. It is what it is. Some liver sups can be used i personally use medical grade Tudca. Its not crazy expensive but i believe it to be the best option for protecting my liver as much as possible. As long as you arent running crazy long oral cycles at crazy doses multiple times a year for numerous years your body in very resilient is recovering.

By the way besides thinking That running dbol w adrol doesn’t seem like a good idea to me i also personally just don’t like dbol.

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Can anyone chime in on potentially throwing winny into this cycle nearer to the end

The only down side would be the fact that your essentially running liver toxic drugs for pretty much 12 weeks.

You aren’t gonna die and your liver will snap back im pretty sure. If you do just don’t make a habit of doing it.

Make sure you are taking plenty tudca and nac aswell

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Perfect. That was all i could see too. Finding TUDCA locally in eastern Canada is proving a challenge but i have it ordered up on amazon for now