Test/Dbol Cycle Log

Hello everyone. First off, I would like to thank everyone that contributes to this form by supporting one another through non biased criticism. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the experiences of other users and hope to one day gain the knowledge of some of our members.

29 years old
Have been “training” for about 4 years off and on due to injuries
The reason I put training in “” is because I have actually trained my entire life through sports up to the collegiate level, but not until 4 years ago had I started really becoming consistent with weight training.

Have had 2 acl’s Replaced in right knee and a repaired right labyrum but have found ways to push through.

Anyways, first cycle mid way through as of now and would like to share progress for critique. Started Dbol three days ago

10 week cycle
250mg test cyp x2 week (Monday, Thursday)
50mg Dbol ed starting week 6 to finish
Fish oil, glucosamine, AZT, milk thistle ed
AI started at week 6 eod
PCT Nolva starting 3 weeks after last test injection

Ht - 6’3”
Wt - 205 before cycle
228 at the end of week 5

Self Reflection so far:
Happy with progress, state of mind/being has been incredible and workouts are on a totally different level. I have drastically changed my diet to what it should have been all along.
Squat 315x3 is now 365x5
Dumbbell incline 80x10x3 is now 100x8x4
Deadlift 315x5 is now 365x5

Things I would have done differently:

  • have diet dialed in for 6 mos/year before starting the cycle, may very well have achieved said results without the AAS in that amount of time
  • not develop golfers elbow first week of cycle… was doing Pull ups 8 reps for 10 sets resting 1 minute between sets prior to cycle and now cannot do any without pain, which has hindered lat/bicep pulling lifts.

Hoping to get through PCT to keep most of the gains by continuing to eat like a madman and lifting heavy without getting hurt. Feedback appreciated with PCT tips.

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July 17, prior to starting the cycle

August 23… halfway point, of week 5, 1 day prior to starting Dbol

Good but dude a simple crop of the ass pics would have been great.



Don’t be surprised to see a quick 10lb or so drop on the scale. I see some good progress but I also see some wetness which will drop off during pct.

P. S. Sweet cheeks bruh!


Sorry I forgot to wipe lol

I’m expecting to see some big progress now I’ve startes the Dbol, the pumps the past three days have been intense. Although I’m expecting the Dbol gains to probably be lost.

Any advice on preventing joint injuries while during cycle, post cycle? Most urge to continue training heavy during PCT

Did you go tanning before the second pictures or is that just your skin naturally? You’re getting red, which isn’t unexpected, but make sure to keep an eye on BP, RBC, and HCT.


Thanks for pointing that out I forgot to mention. Definitely have had pronounced erythema, since about week 2. BP Prior to the cycle was consistently around 135/85. Fully expected it to be higher but one week ago at the doc it was 112/72. Very odd I know… I’m thinking it’s either high RBC count or HDL. Never have had high liver enzymes and rarely drink. What would be the complications associated with a high RBC and what can be done to mitigate this? Thanks for your response man, I have learned a lot from your other posts on the forum.

I dont think it’s blood related. My guess it’s water retention and bloat

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Any suggestions for treating the bloat? My diet has cleaned up, but TBH I’m sure I’m still ingesting too much sodium. I’m assuming the Dbol will only make the bloat worse. If it does then i would assume dropping the Dbol would be of best interest? I’ll quite possibly end up being further evidence to support the reasoning behind a “test only cycle for your first cycle”! Thanks for your feedback man!

I mean unless the bloat is causing high blood pressure which it apparently isn’t then there’s only so much that can be done. Some guys bloat more then others it’s just the nature of testosterone. Even if you use an AI you can still bloat. (BTW I do not suggest using an AI for bloat). I personally bloat horribly on testosterone at any dose above 250mg /week I get all red just like you and my face in particular looks like a sunburnt water balloon. One of many reasons I don’t use high dose testosterone anymore but that’s a another discussion.

Just embrace it and I suggest looking towards other compounds in the future to run along side a low testosterone dose.

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Problem with synthetics resides within the harshness/strain said compounds put on the body. There’s a small/modest body of evidence demonstrating boldenone is far more nephrotoxic than test, deca is more toxic neurologically, to the cardiovascular system, orals fuck lipids, kidneys, liver.

Only compound of which I’d hypothesise may be safer than test is primobolan, however it’s simply not a cost effective compound and results aren’t particularly dramatic with regard to putting on pure size unless it’s dosed veeeerrry high (costing like 1 grand per cycle), and primo’s effect on cholesterol (particularly HDL) is harsher than that of test

Pharm grade primo (yes… I have access to it domestically through a decent source) is like 60$ for 400mg (yes, only 400mg)… fuck that… Also have access to pharm grade Dbol, Winny, sometimes deca, test and on one occasion pharm grade anadrol was up for grabs, I’ve never purchased any of it

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Great advice, thanks @zeek1414

Interesting advice on AI use. I do not have any blood test completed to know my current estrogen levels… it’s stupid to not know, but I am spooked that any blood test done on my medical record will be available to insurance companies when I apply for private health insurance (and disability) next July.

I started AI 0.25mg eod on Tuesday to combat any excess aromatization of the Dbol. I had it on hand for first 5 weeks during test only, but no symptoms arose so I didn’t start. Without objective information (i.e. blood panel) it’s tough to decide. I have seen your previous posts on risk/benefit of AI use, and know you’re err on the side of caution for using AI without symptoms or evidence of high E because of the crappy side effects it can cause. I will be on the lookout for symptoms of crashing my estrogen levels in case I need to adjust.

From guys with some experience… what has been your training experience late cycle / post cycle in regards to joint discomfort or injury? I have read multiple people say that the only way to keep the gains is to continue training heavy. Would you consider this to be a safe method, if technique is spot on. Any special regards to volume or frequency?

@zeek1414 @iron_yuppie @unreal24278

I don’t have cycle experience. Highest test dose I’ve used for a full cycle is 250mg, I’ve used 100mg test 200mg mast (highest dose ever used for a cycle which was cut early due to flaring of chronic pain)

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Sweet pubes btw


Man those 1st cycle gainz sure are sweet I miss that… Prolly coulda done fine on test only & saved the dbol test combo for #2 or #3 after a spring cut cycle… But the scoreboard doesnt lie those are impressive numbers probably 10lbs will fall when its done… My advice is get some HGH and run it 4-6 ius 5 days a week after cycle till yur next cycle to hold the gainz… Diets cant fade gotta keep protien at 1.5g per lb & eat clean to keep gainz…Getting em on juice is ez keeping em naty or on cruise is the hard part

The whole must train heavy to make or keep gains is bullshit. For a natural yes they need to try and constantly push themselves but for someone using anabolics there is a different set of rules.

I made amazing gains 100% natural and i did it over years by training hard lifting heavy and beating the shit out of my joints and body. One of the many reasons I use anabolics is so I don’t have to do that anymore.

I prescribe to the mind muscle connection, 10-14 rep range theory. Iv made great gains using this along with anabolics and iv managed to preserve if not make better my shitty elbows and lower back. People who say that this method doesn’t build muscle or you won’t gain strength are ignorant. I’m 6 foot 230lbs and can knock out 25 pull ups straight and 50 dips with no issues. That doesn’t mean I do it regularly instead I focus on quality controlled movements. Instead of 50 quick dfull range dips il slow it down and hit 25 etc. Same principle I use for weights instead of slinging 45-50lb DBs for 10 curls il use a 35 for 14 controlled solid movements.

The hardest part about keeping gains won’t be your training it will be your motivation to continue training consistently during pct and the month or two after your cycle. I blast and cruise so I avoid this issue but I hear often of guys losing some gains because of how shitty they feel during pct or thier diet falls off etc.

Oh and you need to get blood work or stop using steroids this part isn’t an option. Especially if your gonna pct.

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@zeek1414 That’s some good shit to hear. I do agree that mind muscle connection made a big difference in my training even before AAS. But god damn If you can diesel out 25 quality pull ups at 230 that’s impressive… I could do 20 full ROM at 208 and the thought of trying that now makes my elbow hurt.

@thehebrewhero thanks for the info, I have read about peptides but it seems pretty expensive for good quality? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough…

Anyways, I’ll post some follow up pics with hopefully more progress towards the end of the cycle. I’ll make sure to include more ass and tile next time


I will prolly get flamed for this but the Chinese shit is just fine price vs quality…Ive done the American stuff its great but unless u got lotto money good ol chinese H & test work fine together