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im running my first cycle of testosterone enanthate and d-bol. Its a ten week cycle.
weeks 1-4
test 500mg
d-bol 25mg
weeks 4-10
test 500mg
i have two questions.every body on this board seems to agree on nolva or clomid for post cycle. but not on which one. I have both, but not sure what to use any insight on this matter appreciated.also i heard JustinP say d-bol alone is a waste of money. i was thinking if its worth taking on my cycle.or if test and d-bol togeather work great.peace p-dub

My understanding is that d-bol is a good addition to a test cycle because its fast acting. Therefore in the first few weeks while the test is still not in full effect you still get strength gains from d-bol, after the test is working for you d-bol is usually dropped because of its effects on the liver. Just my 2 cents.

Nononono… DBol is a great mass building drug, just not by itself. Stacked with test you will get great mass gains from DBol. Test and dbol is a great cycle, but you will definetly want an anti-estrogen. Nolva is the preferred drug for both anti-e and recovery purposes by a lot of people, but clomid will work too. Nolva reportedly has a stronger affinity for the estrogen receptor than clomid does, and doesn’t cause the pms-like feelings that clomid sometimes brings about in some people. The two drugs are almost chemically identical. If you have both, you can use both for recovery. Or just go by which one is cheaper.


My best cycle was my first. Test and dbol four 14 weeks designed by Prisoner#22.

I front loaded two grams of test and did 40 mg of dbol a day. I used Femara and HCG and nolva… I kept 22 lbs.

I suggest you contact him.

Dbol can be taken by itself. The only problem is that it needs to be taken in greater quantities, and this causes often intolerable sideeffects. Also post cycle, the gains are very fleeting. Dbol is a class 2 anabolic so it is best to have a class 1 as a complement. Dbol is actually pretty much the most powerfullest steroid there is.

Dbol is best used in a class 1-class 2 stack. The best results are when BOTH Class 1 and 2 drugs are working in the system equally. That is why I recomend leting the injectables reach therapeutic blood levels in your body before begining the dbol - this usually takes about 2-3 weeks.