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Test, D-bol, Win Log


Whats up guys, so i decided to start a thread more for the sake of any new guys wanting info but also just to keep track on my own progress. For this cycle i decided to hold off on the D-bol as a kickstart and throw it in when the Class 1 is in full effect.

Then for the last 4-5 weeks tossing in some Winstrol for the SHGB affinity and to aid in "hardening" up. I know my diet will take care of this mostly but this couldnt hurt. Plus this way i can scavenge as much free test as possible.

Cycle layout is:
Weeks 1-12 300mg Test E E3D
Weeks 3-6 50mg ED D-bol
Weeks 9-12 50mg ED Winstrol

Arimidex will be used at .25mg EOD if/when bloat starts. I usually dont bloat at all its just in case.

PCT right now is standard Nolvadex route 2 weeks of 40mg ED then 2 of 20mg ED. this is what i have on hand. if i happen to get ahold of some more Test before the end then i'll look to do the taper.

My diet isnt really laid out everyday down to the oz. as i kind-of just go with it. Granted everyday will have pretty much the same things. It usually consists of 6-7 egg whites, 2 cups or so of oatmeal with 25g of protein powder. 2 lbs chicken breast and 24oz of veggies throughout the day.

Dinner will vary from porkchops, steak, Bambi burgers etc.. Snacks will be Ostrich jerky, deer sausage, protein bars things like that, Along with BCAA caps in the morning. PWO is a 50-60g protein, with natty Peanut butter and creatine.

That should be everything, if i left something out just let me know. thanks guys


Which week will you start on the Nolvadex?


Im going to start the Nolva on week 14, the half-life of enan is said to be between 6-8 days so the two weeks off should have me all clear by then. This of course is directly related to whether or not i get some more test and run a taper.


Did I just read that right? A PB&C (Peanut butter + creatine) shake?

Madre de dios.. that sounds UNtasty.


ha its actually a chocolate whey/creatine monohydrate blend and i add PB and milk so its like a choco/PB shake


          Sounds pretty good.

The cycle looks nice, and I like the idea of straight winstrol at the end for the reasons stated. Should be solid as a rock at that point. Look forward to it Game.

                see ya round,



hopefully bro. i have 2 main goals for this cycle, i want to DB press the 150's for 5 reps and squat 405 A2G-im tall so this could suck. Im in the process of gettin some pics for some b4/after. problem is i have some VERY telltale marks/scars on the ol frame. so im thinkin put them on my magnum and just set to private?


Photoshop 'em off, that's what I did. Clonestamp tool :wink:


Nice looking cycle Game. Simple, but effective. Also, just out of curiosity, is the Winstrol oral? I figured it would be, since you're using Test E and not Test P. Lookin forward to those before/after pics!


Thanks tico, yup thats what i like to stick to nothin too complicated but effective none the less. I'm really itchin to shoot some tren next round. I'm hearing some stories about nasty sides potentially but we'll see. Yea the winstrol is oral, i got some kickass 50mg caps. it kinda sucks using 8 weeks total of orals but its all good.


ill be following this for sure,
how many cycles have you done?


this will be 4th if you count a shit d-bol only cycle ( i know i know young and dumb) previously i ran test/EQ with lower test and higher EQ to help with my tendon strength after a certain surgery. This will really be my first one going for pure mass and strength.


Game, are your profile stats current? Just wanted to see before and after stats as well.


right now im 6'3" right at about 212lbs prob around 11-12% body fat.


Cool stuff. Go Buckeyes, by the way.


Yeah, go bucks! Ok. Sorry. I'll get out of the steroid forum now :slightly_smiling:


Damn Bucknuts in the house huh? national champs next year for sure! Not too much to update on yet guys (yay for enan lol) d-bol maybe just starting to take effect put on like a couple pounds or so. nothin to write home about strength wise. i'll definitely let you guys know.


How long have you been on?


Ive only been on a little over two weeks bro i started the d-bol a little earlier than i was going to but you know how that goes lol i was just letting whoever is reading or wanting to learn anything from this that its gonna take a little while for the test to kick in. Just so they know right when i start "feeling" it. i got a few more weeks yet before that occurs


Alright Gents Felt it was time to update. Now as far as feeling effects im a pissed off horny asshole ummmm ALL the time so this aspect wont change lol BUT hear this. I had one of those workouts today, you know the kind, where you walk in chaulk up and think damn this is gonna kickass. I felt like fuckin Zeus! No joke it didnt matter stack the weight on the bar hell STAND on the bar if you want, I'm still gonna get it up.

Now whether it was the fact that i had a day off yesterday, carbed up, been on d-bol for a week, or the test is kickin in i really dont give a shit, all i know is everytime i get this feeling i think DAMN it should be illegal to feel this good! then i think wait...it is? MWAHAHAHAHA (idiots never even gave it a shot what buzz killers) Oh and weight is up 7.5lbs.
thats alle fur kennen , haben ein gutes wochenende!