Test Cyponaite vs. Bio-Identical Pellets

So my doctor suggested as switch to bio-identical testosterone. Says cypionate makes little sense to the body and has far more risk. Anyone heard of this or use? He suggested biote.

Test is test is test

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By the same logic, birth control makes little sense to the body. I’m willing to bet he still prescribes it though… Cyp is fine to use.

For reading:

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Pure nonsense. Testosterone cypionate contains testosterone, it’s chemically the same.

It seems some doctors are afraid of injections for some strange reason. The injectable T does increase hematocrit more than other delivery systems.

You can mitigate this by adjusting the dosage and or injection frequency in some cases.

If this doctor is trying to push T pellets on you, the doctor is bullsh****** you because T pellets are very profitable.

If this is the case, one could argue cutting you open to insert the pellets has risk of infection.

Systemlord…is this math correct?

The vile is 200mg/ml 10ml.

0.4ml twice a week equals 80mg…correct? To reduce to 50mg a week the draw would be 0.25ml twice a week, correct?

Yes, your math is correct.





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Just piling on with the others, that is BS.

One 0.25mL dose would be 50mg.

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Inability of user with 12.1k posts here to point out your very basic math is incorrect. Always check your units.

0.25 ml twice weekly is 0.5 ml / week

0.5 ml / wk x 200 mg/ml = 100 mg / week.

I thought he wanted to do 50 mg twice weekly, because who in their right mind is going to do 50 mg weekly?



I was doing 30mg twice a week and it shot me to 1150. I can’t imagine what the number would be if I did 50mg twice a week.

Seen it. Prescribed by GPs.

Did you take 7mg daily at one point?

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No serious. 60mg weekly shot me to 1150. I was just as surprised. I thought I must be over dosing but my draw is 0.3ml twice a week. My urologist said if I did not reduce I would have a stroke so he got my attention.

That would be 120 mg/week at concentration stated above. There appears to be a consistent missing factor of 2 in this thread I am not understanding.


120 mg/week or 60 mg/week?

1150 ng/dl E3.5d trough?


Standard Rx guideline is once weekly dosing.

Very different dosing in TRT vs TOT land.

Starting Dose and Dose Adjustment

The starting dose of Xyosted is 75 mg, administered subcutaneously in the abdominal region once a week.

Dose adjustment

Measure total testosterone trough concentrations (measured 7 days after the most recent dose) following 6 weeks of dosing, following 6 weeks after dose adjustment, and periodically while on treatment with Xyosted. A trough concentration between 350 ng/dL and 650 ng/dL generally provides testosterone exposures in the normal range during the entire dosing interval.

Decrease the dose by 25 mg if the total testosterone trough concentration (Ctrough) is ≥650 ng/dL.
Increase the dose by 25 mg if the total testosterone Ctrough is <350 ng/dL.
Maintain the same dose if the total testosterone Ctrough is ≥350 ng/dL and <650 ng/dL.

Completely consistent with good ole chart:

This never gets old:

This is my original instructions from my provider. I backed down to 0.3ml, see below. There were instructions for sub q self injections that I did not include.

“I will send in a prescription for Testosterone Cypionate to your pharmacy. Depending on the dose this will last up to 3 months. I have also attached a coupon as your insurance is unlikely to cover the medication.

  1. Clean top of vial with alcohol. Use alcohol pads liberally, clean everything!

  2. The typical dose is 0.4 ml twice weekly like Sunday and Wednesday. Be super accurate with measuring this so you don’t run out early.

  3. Clean skin site well, abdominal wall is the best site. Site will get sore over the next 24 hours but nothing major. Move the site around to different areas of the abdomen with each administration”.

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