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Test Cypionate vs Test Propionate

Hey team.

When switching from a long to a short acting ester do I continue the same total dose or does it change?

For example: 600mg Test cypionate per week then switching to test propionate. Does the prop therefore have to be 600mg total per week?

Planning 16 week cycle below, thoughts/advice welcome:

Week 1-4: Dbol 40mg ED
Week 1-8: Test Cyp 600mg PW
Week 1-6: Decca 300-400mg PW
Week 9-16: Test prop 50-75mg ED?
Week 9-16: Tren ace 50mg ED
Week 9-16: Masteron prop 50mg ED?
Week 12-16: Winstrol 40mg ED

This is end of bulk and contest prep.

Deca for 6 weeks would be pointless unless you are using NPP?

The dosage does not have to be the same that’s up to you but you should be aware that you get more into your system with the short esters - so 600mg prop is stronger than 600mg cyp.

Ok cool. The idea of it was to try and add some mass before starting cutting cycle pre comp. Maybe run EQ throughout or the like? Although that will be hard with increased appetite :hushed:

This looks like the cycle we put together last week…

The Deca suggested was NPP so its fast acting.

With regards to Test C v Test P, As Pex said, fast acting esters get more mg per ml of gear into the blood. So on paper 600g Tesp p would actually give you more test than 600 of Test E or C.

I dont know the numbers but there would be a table somewhere online showing this.

Personally I tend to do slightly more if I am doing long esters… 1g Test E per week for a bulking cycle and I am about to do 700mg per week Test P… Very similiar results from both.

Thanks Andy.

If one cannot source NPP but only the long ester, what would suffice as a substitute?

Keeping in mind comp is October 1st and I will start 16 weeks out.

As Pex has reffered to it, Deca D is very long acting and stays in the system for a long time… I would probably not use it for a 6 week period with the fact you will also be using Tren very close to the Deca still being in your system…

I would just up the Test E. Leave the Deca D out unless you can source NPP.

You could also either up the Dbol slightly I source something stronger like Anadrol…