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Test Cypionate vs Test E Cycle

I have extra supply of test c from trt … would there be a difference of running a 500 mg week cycle of Cypionate opposed to Test E ? Pros n cons ?

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The difference is the half lifes. Enanthate is 10.5 days and cypionate is 12 days. So no real world difference there. The other difference is if you take 100 mgs of test e and 100 mgs of test c then calculate the raw testosterone weight WITHOUT the ester attached then the 100 mgs of test e has like 1.5 mgs more raw testosterone in it versus test c. So again no real world difference.

The other differences would be due to brands. Like if one is UGL versus pharma. If both are UGL but different labs then they might be suspended in different oils and that can affect half life in some situations. I do know that test e has a pretty low melting point so that does effect the solvents used in the suspension process.

Traditionally the cypionate is a US used ester and the enanthate is European used. Like back in the 80s there were rumors that the esters really did effect the results. They would look at European body builders and compare to US builders but really the differences we’re due to training methods and diets not the esters.


Short answer, no. They’re essentially the same.

From a scientific standpoint, the above is on point. The only difference is individual if one does exist. And you can guess who has to figure that out.

Those who carry more fat can get more out of Te because the solubility of Te in oil is higher. Thus more is absorbed and bioavailable. Those same people have more sides however due to the additional E caused by such, along with the fact that more fat also causes more E conversion.

Go with what you got and be glad you have that!

I went with Cyp knowing that it was coming from a closer source in the states hoping that it would be cleaner. I also read that people hold less water on Cyp but that’s probably BS and an AI issue.
However I just started my very first Test Cyp cycle last Saturday. Doing 375MG for my first cycle, i’m a little in debate about this but a lot of older guys have said that 375 to 500 won’t make a big difference for a first cycle so i’ll save 500 for cycle 2. But i’d be happy to hear anyone elses opinion.

Best of luck!

I mean, if you already have pharma cyp that’s prescribed to you then you’re in a good place. If you can just use the existing stuff—that you’ve already paid for—instead of having to trust a new, unproven source, then I think the answer is obvious.

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might be a dumb qquestion but what are the chances the UGL test is “dirty”?

Depends. If it’s an unvetted lab with very little history? Chances are higher. If it’s an established lab with a long track record of quality? Chances are a lot lower.

i have an RX for pharma test but i now have a contact that has everything you could want if you wanted to juice. i am not looking to get huge or “blast” as they say but if i can save a lot of money by buying some stuff from him i would like to

Can’t give any advice on that end of things. It’s up to you to decide if you trust someone or not.

I would assume buying anything from someone at the gym would be sourced from an ULG or China? Again - assuming. Just wasnt sure what to expect quality wise

Really depends. But most of the stuff that the gym pharmacists sell is from a UGL that they likely use themselves. It’s a roll of the dice, but if you know what to look for and what to ask then you’ll be in a better position to manage any risks.

Finkle I know this is my first post and might not carry much cred… but I’d stick to pharma grade if possible. I ran 500mg/sust 5 years ago that was UGL. I’m halfway through 350/wk of a pharma-grade Cyp cycle and I’m on track to make better gains. I’m eating clean (didn’t do that on 1st cycle) and I know that plays a big role. End of the day, with pharma-grade you KNOW what you’re getting

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Just to clear this up. A lot of people think that they have “pharma grade” because that’s what the company says. Or the company claims to sell Pfizer gear and the ampulrs say Pfizer on them.

So just so its understood unless you get you gear with a prescription from a pharmacy it’s is not “pharma grade” the shit you get internationally that has cool names and sweet holographic labels and says “USP injection” and “so and so compounding pharmacy” is ugl as well.

Witht that being said don’t discredit ugl gear. I actually much prefer top quality ugl gear over legitimate testosterone from a pharmacy. Most big pharma companies use the cheapest oil possible (usually cotton seed I believe)

Also there is numerous places that independently test ugls for accuracy and bacteria and most reputable brands pass with flying colors. Generally the gear is actually over dosed my 1-5 mg/ml

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i figured that was the case

There are a few actual pharma brands that can be obtained from solid sources. These are bought direct from pharmacies and resold by a third party. They are for prescription use and they adhere to GMP standards. But that doesn’t mean they are any better than the top notch UGLs, many of whom function like pharma brands in practice. If the choice is between Iranian Pharmacy No. 1 and Questionable UGL No. 4 then that’s an easy choice. But if it’s a reputable UGL vs a reputable pharma brand then in many cases the only meaningful difference is cost. As Zeek said, lots of UGLs have been anonymously tested for quality and purity. So the distinction between the two choices isn’t always clear.


The Cyp I’m running right now is from pharmacy. Not saying you don’t know of a UGL that’s better than the UGL Sust I ran in my first cycle, but preferring a UGL to a pharma company? That’s hard to believe mate. I’m a noob but still… there are federal standards that have to be followed with real pharma test. If there’s a reference to some of the claims you’re making I’d be interested to read up on it. I have a feeling it’s just a lot of guys in the gym saying they have “the real deal” and you’re repeating anecdotal hearsay. Not trying to talk trash, I just doubt there’s much reason for me to ever consider running UGL

Well first of all some steroids aren’t produced by pharmacies anymore so that right there is enough for me to not be sold on only “pharma grade”.

Now if we’re talking strictly testosterone then I would tell you I prefer top quality ugl because big pharma uses dirt cheap everything to make thier product they use just what they need to pass test. I personally don’t like cotton seed oil “big pharma does because it’s the cheapest” my ugl uses GSO and the other one MCT. So that is another reason I prefer ugl. Ugl isn’t mass Producing drugs for the world so cutting cost isn’t as big of a deal when your buying liters of oil rather than 50 gallon drums.

Then we have the price. Legit testosterone from a pharmacy will genorun you twice as much. Why would I pay 70-80 a vial for something mixed with cotton seed oil when I can pay 20-40$ for literally the exact same ingredient mixed with what I feel is a better oil.

These are just my personal reasons why I would never buy prescription testosterone over top quality tested ugl. But to each thier own!

I’m taking notes cause you just took me to school lol… for real though, if what you’re saying is true that’s just insane. It’s cool, just insane to think the stuff I got from a script isn’t what I thought it was

Well it’s what ever it says it is if its pharma grade from a Legitimate pharmacy. Which is usually the cheapest ingredients possible. Not Always but usually. Trust me big pharma doesn’t give a shit about us they just want to pinch pennies and make $$$$.

The only benefit I see in pharma grade is you can use it legally if you are the script holder other than that is just over priced crap IMO

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