Test Cypionate Suggestions


I need some advice/help with some small questions. I have Test Cyp, Clen, Clomid, and Letrozol. This will be my first cycle been lifting for 10 yrs diet is in check. Plan was to take test C for 12 weeks, then two weeks off. Then take clomid and letrozol. Then towards summer take clen. What I would like to know is. A. Is this a shit plan? B. Should I wait and buy something to take with my Test? C.

I have heard back and forth information about taking clomid during cycle, I don’t agree with this, but if someone has substantial proof that it is important and extremely beneficial to do then I might consider it. and D. Is .5 ml/2 times a week adequate amount of Test to take?

T is dosed in mg’s, not ml’s as mg/ml is variable.

You do not sound knowledgeable enough to start doing this. Learn more then ask intelligent questions.

It’s 250mg/ml.

Go read the stickies and do more research. We know you haven’t done much research because these basic questions get asked here almost daily.

Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning… Its like the first sticky in this forum read it… Yes you can swap cyp for eth… Also spend about 2 weeks googling beginner cycles… Then once you have 1) All your gear including shit for sides & pct 2) Diet plan 3) Workout plan Then do your cycle… This isnt rocket science but some meat heads are smarter then others :wink: